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Sunday, February 19, 2017

How Much Do You Know About Hudud / Sejauh Mana Anda Memahami Hudud

On Sunday February 12, 2017  the NGO "Amanah" which is helmed by YM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah hosted a forum about hudud at the PAUM (Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya).   The forum was titled "How much do you know about hudud?"
A couple of months back a couple of friends of mine and myself had suggested to YM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah  that perhaps a forum be held not just to discuss the hudud but to provide space for the public to participate freely and also to invite speakers who could give a more intellectual and balanced view of the hudud and its related subjects. (Related subjects would include Muslim societies around the world pre and post shariah etc.) 

This is because the discourse on hudud has been monopolised by the politicians who do not know much about anything, the religious folks who know even less and those wannabes in between who cannot even be defined. 

The speakers were the Mufti of Perlis Dato Dr Mohamed Asri Zainal Abidin or Dr Maza, Dato Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi an expert on the Malaysian constitution and Prof Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid who is a political scientist specialising in the politics of Muslim countries.

Here is a YouTube video upload of Dato Dr Mohamed Asri Zainal Abidin's presentation.
Strangely The Star has reproduced  Dr Maza's speech only today, more than a week after the forum.

If the video does not pop up here is the link :

Feel free to comment.   

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Al Arabiya English - Malaysia Betrayed By Najib

Here is a news article written by one Dr Azeem Ibrahim that is still current and relevant. My comments follow.

I have argued time and again that the greatest threat to the Muslim world is not the West, but rather, corruption and incompetence in administration in the Muslim countries themselves.

To this argument there were a number of crucial pieces of evidence. First of all, there is a clear inverse correlation between corruption and economic development not just in the Middle East, but globally. 

Secondly, Muslim countries are among the most corrupt countries in the world, and this maps well to the problems we know well from the region.

In this sense, the abundance of natural resources has served to mask much of the problem, as per capita wealth in the region comes out as much higher than it would have been for a given level of corruption, and that distorts the perception of societal problems in these countries.

For another, that abundance of wealth can be used to buy off the acquiescence of the population to an otherwise questionable regime, as is the case with the benefits that these states lavish upon their population, or alternatively, can be used to fund extensive repressive police and intelligence apparatuses to keep the population in check, as was the case in Saddam-era Iraq.

But there was also plenty of converse evidence, specifically states on the periphery of the Islamic world which did not conform the region’s reputation for corruption. Most notably, we had the examples of Turkey and of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a secure and naturally wealthy country with a track record of success in development and is suffering entirely from self-inflicted wounds.

In both the cases, the countries have inherited and sustained over the span of the 20th century an ethos of modernism and civic-mindedness which emulated that in the successful countries in the West. And they reaped the benefits of social and political stability, and economic development, both having been the most economically developed Islamic countries in international rankings.

But I fear we are about to be witnesses to a very cruel experiment, which I believe will prove my argument. It is yet too early to make a definitive judgement on the direction Turkey is heading,  the omens do not look good.

Breakdown of institutional functioning

In the case of Malaysia, we are already seeing the breakdown in institutional functioning and credibility which will likely see the country join the other Middle Eastern countries in the infamous club of corrupt and barely functioning states.

Malaysia has been betrayed not so much by its institutional traditions, as by its populist Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has ridden a wave of popular support into power on the back of promises for economic liberalization, and growth and opportunity, but has seemingly wasted no time in milking the state dry for his own personal gain and the gain of his family.

An ongoing Wall Street Journal investigation is looking into evidence that as much as $1 billion has been siphoned into the prime minister and his relatives’ bank accounts, most of it from the coffers of the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, allegedly started by Mr Razak soon after he took charge in the country in 2009. And a further $5 billion are unaccounted for.


Neither Turkey nor Malaysia can hide behind the usual excuses about Western intervention or historical colonial crimes. Both have come into the post WW2 world as confident, independent nations, and both carved a way in the world for themselves through hard work and diligence, efforts which have yielded a good life to the majority of their citizens.


Turkey currently finds itself in a complex political, economic and security crisis from which we cannot draw too many general conclusions. But Malaysia is suffering entirely from self-inflicted wounds. It is a secure and naturally wealthy country with a track record of success in development. But it has let its guard down, and has let corruption infest the highest levels of government.


Malaysian civil society must now take firm and immediate action to put the country back on track. If not, I fear that the country will tragically end up as the perfect case study into how the problems of the Islamic world stem primarily from domestic corruption.


Azeem Ibrahim is an RAI Fellow at Mansfield College, University of Oxford and Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College. He completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge and served as an International Security Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and a World Fellow at Yale. Over the years he has met and advised numerous world leaders on policy development and was ranked as a Top 100 Global Thinker by the European Social Think Tank in 2010 and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He tweets @AzeemIbrahim

My comments : Malaysia and all the other Islamic countries have been  betrayed by its people, either the majority voters (as in Turkey and Malaysia) or a sufficient minority that wields influence and power (like the oligarchs and their sycophantic religious clergy aka butt kissers).

Both these groups have supported and continue to support the corrupt and the tyrants as their leaders. Why is that so?

The short answer is they are extremely short sighted. The shorter answer is that they are less intelligent. They are less intelligent because they are not properly educated.

Whether at home under the care of their mothers (when they were young), under the care of their families and societies, under the guidance of  the religious teachers or  under the tutelage of their education systems,   they have not imbibed real values that are relevant to human life.

Instead they are brought up, moulded, guided and taught to become human failures. There is not an Islamic country in the world that can be declared equal to or as successful as even a mid-level Western country. 

The problem becomes worse for the Muslim countries because minus some forceful hand to overlook their affairs (colonialism, a cruel dictator,  a benevolent dictator, an authoritarian system etc) their natural state is to regress, to become dysfunctional, quarrelsome and finally to kill each other. In other words, when left alone to their own ends, they all become quite insane.

This contrasts sharply with non Islamic countries around the world who have a much better record of being able to organise themselves and improve their quality of life. 

Many have gone through wars, corrupt regimes, kleptocrats, cruel dictators etc. But once their wars are over or their tyrants have been overthrown, they can get along with organising their affairs and move forward. Hence we see the stars shining brightly or beginning to shine brightly over Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, even the Philippines, of course China and many rising nations in South America and Africa. 

If left to themselves, minus the corrupt and the dictators, the natural state of these countries is to advance very quickly.
The single largest positive factor that I perceive is that in all these advanced and advancing countries, religion is kept out of politics and out of government. Or in the case of the Philippines religion is beginning to be kept out of government and politics.   They are not paranoid about their religion.    

The second point is that in these countries, their society does not pry into the private affairs of its citizens to expose and embarrass each other over what they term 'criminal sins'.  In Islamic countries, the society itself (mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, neighbors, the village, the town) constantly watch and pass judgement on each other over alleged breach of religious rules and cultural taboos.

Making things worse is religion that is very short of evidence to prove its beliefs. Hence religion becomes not uniform - meaning there is no one version. At best it is a sectarian imagination. 

And because the mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, relatives, neighbours and their society at large are the conduits of this rather backward behaviour, it is a natural extension that their politics, their governments, their police, their enforcement authorities ALL reflect the wishes and the beliefs of the society.

Hence they are doomed. 

There are many Rule No 1s to making themselves stupid. One of the Rule No 1s is 'do not question your religious teachers, do not ridicule (aka question) the religious teachers, do not question your religion, do not ridicule (aka question) your religion'.  Hence the 'anti-blasphemy' laws, the crime of of 'insulting Islam', the 'apostasy laws' etc. It is a mark of an uneducated society, despite its universities and universal 'education'.

If you spent seven years studying at a school for bomohs (shamanism), it does not make you educated at all. That is what some of these religious outfits are. 

Would you like some evidence? 

Does a Hysteria Kit represent an educated society? 
Does a "We provide prayer answering services" sound like it comes from an educated society? 
Does 'Kismis Tawaf' indicate that they have any brains at all? 

I am afraid not.

Along come the smart beggars like Super Moron, Bawang and Tin Sadin who can see that the people are indeed not 'educated'. 

They can read that the people prefer 'black magic' instead of science.
Or in other words, that the people prefer the irrational instead of the rational.
They can read that the people are swayed by promises of the non-existent instead of a higher quality of life and standard of living here today.

So they take the people for a ride.

Then they go one step further. They must keep the people stupid.

So give them more overdoses of the supernatural, of blackmagic, of the illogical (kita tidak boleh gunakan akal dalam semua perkara) and of incoherent religion

And then to keep them in line make laws to frighten them and to keep them from asking too many questions.

Jail them for 30 years, fine them RM100,000 and/or whip them 100 lashes.    

The betrayal is by their brains. Their brains are just stupid.

Friday, February 17, 2017



This  list of supermarkets / hypermarkets closing down has become viral. 

The following supermarkets will be closing down:
1. AEON Big Kota Damansara closing on 28th February 2017
2. AEON Big River City on 28th February 2017
3. AEON Big Bangsar South on 15th March 2017
4. Tesco Scott Garden on 28 Feb 2017
5. Giant Superstore Viva home on 2 Mac 2017
6. Giant Bintang Sg Way on 28 Feb 2017

I just received confirmation from someone in this business that this list is correct.   Here is more information :

"Yes all closing very true. Business is bad. ..Giant already closed SIX outlets last year. Rumour is Giant is closing another SIX outlets this year."

Hello media people, call Aeon, Tesco and Giant and check with them lah. If Giant is closing SIX more outlets this year, that is about 1000 workers being laid off.

The economy is shutting down. Especially at the street level. The people are suffering. Businesses are suffering. They are closing, people are becoming unemployed.


CK sent me this. Thank you
Recently, sad news from student from Institute Pendidikan Guru (IPG).

They just received long delayed allowance for Jan and Feb 2017.

amount received very much reduced..... cut of 35%

IPG student in KL  given RM700

amount hardly enough if staying outside campus

Worse now.... only RM400++  how could they survive?

odd job... part time job...some may fall into vice...

My comments :  In Kuala Lumpur, a 3 room apartment in the Kerinchi area rents for about RM1800. One room rents for RM600. Even if two students share one tiny room, that is RM300 for room rental alone.  One breakfast costs minimum RM3.00. Lunch costs nothing less than RM5.00 (nasi putih with one lauk). Dinner will cost the same. Maggie Mee is about RM1 per packet. Can they eat Maggie Mee seven days a week?


Someone else sent me this. Thank you.

"Encik Syed. Kawan saya HIV patient  tak dapat blood test result last month sebab Hospital Sungai Buloh budget takde untuk buat blood test. Dia sepatutnye dapat result last month, ubat pun tak cukup stok. Kalau sebelum ni boleh dapat sebulan sekotak sekarang cuma dapat  separuh je dalam packet plastik."

This is getting to be real serious. People will die. If  they cannot diagnose the cancer in three months, it could be too late to save the patient.   


This is from the Malay Mail. Someone sent it to me. Thank you.

PEKAN, 16 Feb — risiko bumbung runtuh memaksa 482 pelajar belajar di makmal

masalah itu berlarutan sejak dua tahun lalu

pengetua (SMK) Indera Shahbandar di Kuala Pahang mengakui buntu

terpaksa jadikan makmal sebagai kelas walaupun bahaya

Semua bumbung 10 blok bangunan sekolah tidak selamat 

struktur kekuda besi yang dipasang tidak lagi kukuh 

12 kelas tingkat 3 tidak digunakan kerana “boleh runtuh bila-bila masa"

tiada usaha membaiki bangunan tersebut

runtuh kali pertama pada 2015

surat yang diterima tidak menjanjikan keputusan 

sebaliknya salah-menyalah antara (JKR) dan kementerian 

Sender's comments :   "Kpd pengetua kat Pekan ni, rasa kecewa pun tak guna. Kerajaan dah nazak, takde duit...terpaksalah jaga sendiri.. Mesin OMR pun tak mampu nak ganti, sekolah dah nak runtuh pun sama juga takde peruntukan nak baiki. 

Hanya peruntukan utk PERMATA bertambah dari tahun ke tahun. 
Bajet private jet sama jugak, anytime boleh terbang sana sini. 
Kesian kat budak2 jadi mangsa kerakusan kerajaan kleptokrasi MOI"

My comments :  Most likely a crony contract, using sub standard materials. The building roof is falling apart.  The sad thing is this problem has been going on for two years. 

The Kementerian is just tai-chi-ing the problem to the JKR and vice versa. They dont have money.  So the Kementerian does not want to pay and neither does the JKR want to foot the bill to repair the roof.

Folks, the "No Income Nation"  is here. The country is grinding to a halt.

5.  Here is some caricature about the Menteri Pendidikan :

"Bajet yang terbaik" ? Kepala hotak hang. 

That RM260 Billion Budget was fake. 
There is no RM260 Billion. 
The gomen has no money. 

The situation is worsening now on a daily basis. 

For each supermarket that closes, at least 200 workers will lose their jobs.

Delivery lorries, van drivers, lorry drivers, mechanics who service the delivery vans and lorries will all lose their jobs or suffer business slowdowns. They will also become unemployed.

Suppliers who sell goods to all these supermarkets will suffer losses and slow downs. They will also be laying off their staff and workers. 

It goes on and on.




Dari Ahli UMNO Kedah - Hentikan Curi ! !

Ketua Bahagian Umno kekenyangan tetapi malangnya bahagian di seluruh negara diperilaku seperti peminta sedekah oleh pimpinan.

Ahli dan ketua cawangan pulak menghambur kami di bahagian tanpa usul periksa.

Mana dia janji RM100 ribu untuk setiap bahagian Umno bagi perbelanjaan program pendaftaran ahli baru?  Setakat ini hanya RM10 ribu yang sampai. 

Ke mana pergi baki RM90 ribu x 191 bahagian Umno Malaysia????

(MY comments : Pi mana lagi? Masuk ke dalam beg tangan dia lah. Bukan lah banyak duit pun. Beg dia lagi besar.)

Kenapa harus kami menadah tangan mengharap belas kasehan ahli parlimen B__ing A___z   R___m. 

Maklumat dikumpul mendedah nama Umno diguna untuk meraih kontrak kontrak besar bernilai puluhan bilion ringgit. 

Mana kesudahan 15% - 20 % duit pelincir yang para kontraktor dan pelaksana kerja di paksa bayar?

Kontrak lumayan hanya untuk syarikat kabel mamak tanpa tender.

Az__z  runding terus dgn Opt_mus P__me. Opt_mus samaran boss menurut Az__z. 

Pegawai kerajaan yang bantah ketirisan kena ugut pertukaran serta merta .

Mana menghilang begitu banyak duit pelincir dari kontrak kerajaan?

Apa pertalian Az__z dgn syarikat syarikat di bawah ???

Ma_gku B__i Sdn Bhd dan Men_ju As_s sdn bhd dan P_ntas U_ama sdn bhd

- Projek pembetungan hampir RM2 bilion  di Perak

-pembinaan laluan motosikal Pulau Indah Kelang RM 800 juta

- Jalan Sabak Bernam  RM 700 juta

- Pembetungan Petaling Jaya RM 500 juta

- Jalan Pintasan Teluk Intan RM 750 juta 
*lebihan RM220 juta dari bajet asal* jika soal akan ditukar

- Jalan pintasan Kuala Terengganu RM400 juta

- Jalan Chenor-Pekan  RM450 juta

15% daripada RM5.60 bilion = anggaran RM 840 juta. 
Jika 20 % angka lebih besar 

Umno dijaja untuk mengisi kantung kendiri tidak berakhir di situ

P_ntas U_ama Sdn Bhd --- Kontrak kerja pengurusan cerun jalanraya persekutuan nilai kasar RM2.5 bilion untuk sepuluh tahun secara monopoli.

Majoriti projek melampaui bajet asal jabatan dan kementerian. 
Walaubagaimanapun semuanya berjaya dalam rundingan terus dgn Opt_mus.

Az__z R___m lebih berkuasa dari menteri, ketua pengarah, pengarah pengarah jabatan. Ramai pegawai kerajaan kita juga ahli Umno.

Gejala ini memberi gambaran yang amat buruk khususnya ke atas pentadbiran Najib Razak (yang memang sudah beruk setelah buruk).

Az__z telah secara terbuka berkata sebahagian duit pelincir adalah untuk menampung perbelanjaan politik *boss saya* .

Alhamdulillah akan berita Tan Sri Al Amin presiden Persatuan Badminton Malaysia bakal menganti Az__z di Ta__ng H_ji .

Kami merayu PM supaya hentikan juga sindiket rompakan tanpa senjata lembaga mamak hitam ini.

Kami pegun YAB terpedaya dgn putar belit Az__z .  (Pegun apa? Dia lagi tahu. Dia yang arah Az__z buat.)

EPU di jabatan YAB sendiri diperlaku seperti pasar sundal.  (Yalah kalau sudah jadi a_ak s_ndal, nak buat macam mana lagi?)

Yang menerima padah adalah kerajaan, Umno dan orang Melayu.  

My comments : Those contracts add up to RM8.10 BILLION.  I think they are really worth one third or less. This is typical UMNO curi duit style.

Can you imagine RM800 million for a motorcycle lane in Pulau Indah? 
Will it be a gold plated 'laluan motorsikal'?

RM450 million for a road from Chenor to Pekan? The distance is 118km.  That is about RM3.8 million per km. 

Jalan pintasan Teluk Intan is RM750 million? Also gold plated?

Jalan pintasan Kuala Terengganu is RM400 million?

If the minyak pelincir costs in Terengganu are 20%, that is RM80 million already. The contractor's profit margin say another 20% will be another RM80 million. Then they will sell the contract to the Chinaman - who will actually build the road. The Chinaman will make another 20% - otherwise why would he touch the job?

So the actual cost may be just 40% of those figures.  This is a rough guess but I think we are within the ballpark.