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Monday, October 20, 2014

Latest New Book On The Prophet

This is taken from here :

The Lives of Muhammad  by Kecia Ali

there's little we can say about his life with historical certainty. 

details of his life have been debated and manipulated .

Boston University professor Kecia Ali's new book The Lives of Muhammad examines those divergent narratives. 

she explores the different ways the prophet's life story has been told and retold 

"There are a lot of ways in which Muhammad's life has been understood in 1400 years" 

wealth of different versions of his life story.

before, Muslims used Muhammad's life story as a lens through which to approach the Quran.

Over the centuries, European Christian accounts of Muhammad, in particular, went through a variety of stages and depictions. 

those depictions, which claim to be historically accurate and based on early Muslim sources, then engender a reaction from Muslim biographers.

Kecia Ali is an associate professor of religion at Boston University. Her other books include Marriage and Slavery in Early Islam and Sexual Ethics in Islam.

And the reality is that of course the Quran is the thing. 

But the idea that it can be separated out from the life of Muhammad makes no sense for the vast majority of Muslims.

And the other thing, of course, is that most Muslims didn't have access to printed copies of the Quran or online copies that they could keyword search. 

And so that process of looking at the text has almost always taken place through the lens of looking at the life of the prophet.

There are a lot of ways in which Muhammad's life has been understood and experienced and celebrated in the past 1400 years and not all of them are captured by biography, to be sure

My comments : Lets ban this book. It may cause the golongan tidak boleh menggunakan akal to become terencat akal.