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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Takpa, Takpa, Takpa Lets Wait Until More Hospitals Burn Down.

  • suspending Medivest would interrupt 21 other hospitals 
  • Ministry of Health will not suspend Medivest 
  • fire at JB hospital claimed six lives
  • Dep Minister Hilmi said suspending Medivest interrupt 21 hospitals 
  • penalties if Medivest found to have not fulfilled their obligations 
  • Hilmi said contracts given to Medivest worth RM350 m / yr
  • six hospitals in NS, three in Malacca, rest of hospitals in Johor
  • contract ends in 2022, govt will decide to renew contract
  • another fire at operation theatre at hospital y'day
This is from the website of Medivest:

Medivest main competencies in healthcare support services are Clinical Waste Management Service, Linen & Laundry Management Service, Cleansing Management Service, Facilities Engineering Management Service and Biomedical Engineering Management Service.
Our high work ethic and prudent investments ensure our place above the competition. We pride ourselves as being an ‘unseen hand’, silently lifting and ensuring that public healthcare standards in Malaysia are raised.

My comments : 'above the competition?' There is no competition. This is a monopoly contract. 'unseen hand'? Lifting public healthcare standards?

I say kawan, hospital sudah terbakar lah - dua kali.  Enam orang sudah mati.

Here is the cake folks : A contarct that pays RM350 million per year until 2022. Thats seven years away or RM2.45 billion away !! When did this concession begin? Usually they run 20 - 25 years. That is almost RM9.0 billion !! 

Now you see why the gomen is going broke. The funds have been sucked away by these type of plum contracts. 

Now hospitals are burning down. Hospitals do not have enough equipment, medicines.  

Enam orang mati. Takpa, takpa, takpa. Enam orang sahaja.  Bukanlah 60. Takpa.

Tengoklah besok. Mungkin ada api terbakar lagi kut. 

Rahman Khuda Kare

Just recently I was a guest at an annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Community here in Kuala Lumpur. I like to attend their gathering because they invite a good cross section of all the sects that we have in Malaysia. 

The Ahmadiyya teaching emphasises a peaceful understanding of Islam.

You will rarely find so many different sects all sitting quietly and peacefully under one roof.  I have spoken to the Ahmadiyya and encourage them to be the good example and the proof that Muslims of different sects, or with different points of view, can all co-exist peacefully together.  There is really no need for violence or anger just because a fellow wears a different turban or something equally substantial. 

Here is some Wikipedia about the Ahmadiyya community (I am reproducing from Wikipedia) :

Ahmadiyya or the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at; al-Jamā'ah al-Islāmiyyah al-Aḥmadiyya is an Islamic religious movement founded in Punjab, British India, near the end of the 19th century.  

It originated with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908), who claimed to have appeared in fulfilment of the prophecies concerning the world's reformer during the end times, who was to bring about, by peaceful means, the final triumph of Islam and herald the divine plan. 

He claimed to have been divinely appointed as the Mujaddid (renewer) of Islam, the promised Messiah and Mahdi awaited by Muslims. The adherents of the Ahmadiyya movement are referred to as Ahmadi Muslims or simply Ahmadis.

Ahmadi thought emphasizes the necessity of restoring Islam to its true essence and pristine form, which had been lost through the centuries.

Ahmadiyya adherents believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad appeared in the likeness of Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice, and peace. 

They believe that upon divine guidance he divested Islam of fanatical and innovative beliefs and practices by championing what is, in their view, Islam’s true and essential teachings.  

Thus, Ahmadis view themselves as leading the revival and peaceful propagation of Islam.

There are over 10 million Ahmadiyyas around the world. Some estimates put the number at twice that figure.  

Ahmadiyas propagate their faith all over the world. So there is a growing number in Indonesia as well.  Here is a video of the Ahmadiyya Caliph (their fifth Caliph) arriving in Canada to visit the sizeable Ahmadiyya community that lives in Canada. 


You will never find a suicide bomber or a violent psycho among the Ahmadiyyas. In my younger days I have had occassion to "debate" the Ahmadiyyas - twice.  You can throw anything at them and they will just listen to it. Whether they accept the argument or not they do not get agitated or become violent. I credit this to the overall Ahmadiyya style of non violence and non agitation.

I have also had debates with other sects - who are psychos.  At some point at least one psycho will stand up and walk towards you, just stand up and yell or (their favorite tactic) walk out of the discussion.  Without their mob support they do not have the guts to engage in discussion.  

Well, Rahman Khuda Kare - The Most Gracious One.

Ayub Khan is this true? Zakir Naik is back in town? Quietly under the radar?

A commenter said this in the previous post :

Anonymous said...

Zakir Naik back in town. He met the Home Minister, probably Malaysian citizen in the offing since Indian and Bangladeshi authorities are after him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 8:34:00 PM

My comments : Dato Ayub Khan, Head of Counter Terrorism at Bkt Aman, is this true? The other day Bilal Philips another Salafi psycho was here giving speeches in Ipoh.

Both Bilal Philips and Zakir Naik have been banned from entering quite a few countries. 

Habis pasai apa hangpa pula bodoh bangang nak jemput geng haprak ini masuk Malaysia?  Tak cukup bodoh ke negeri-negeri depa, benci-membenci, bergaduh, berkelahi, membunuh, sebab geng-geng haprak ini lah. Pasai apa pi jemput depa masuk negara kita?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Casual Roadside Molest Of Women In Saudi Arabia

I have heard plenty of stories like this about Saudi Arabia. People say if you are in Saudi Arabia 'If you board a cab make sure the men board first and your wife and daughters get in last. When you get off, make sure the women get off first and the men get off last. This is to prevent the taxis from driving off with the women".   But people will talk hush-hush because they do not want to malukan or aibkan the anak haram.

Now with smartphones, the Internet and youtube the whole world can see what really goes on.  The following are video recordings of Saudi anak haram wearing jubah (robes) openly molesting women (covered llke ninjas from head to toe)  in the streets. 

I am not uploading the video in my blog. You can click on these two links :

If it does not pop up then search YouTube for "pelecehan seksual wanita jilbab di arab saudi"

This is a very barbaric and kuffar society.  These are not isolated cases of molest that take place out of sight and behind closed doors.

This is a barbaric culture where groups of males openly molest  more than one female at a time in the streets.   

There is even one fellow video taping the whole thing and obviously forwarding the recording to his friends  - otherwise it will not be on youtube.

Here are two other videos about / from Egypt.  I have previously posted about this. The videos show what they call "Taharrush Jemaa" (The Rape Game or Group Rape).  

Mob of these anak haram molest women (in public) and then haul them away to be raped. 

The first video has a Mat Salleh guy talking about it. 

This second video interviews the women themselves, who suffered these public assaults.

I dont know how many more centuries it is going to take for people to recognise pagan and satanic cult behaviour.