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Monday, February 8, 2016

Black American, Christian, Female University Professor Loses Job Over "Allah is / is not God" Debate

Ok change of topic.

Ponder this folks, why not just ban all religious conversion? Christians stay where you are, Hindus stay where you are, the same for Buddhists etc. Because when it comes to religion, it has a fantastic capacity to make people behave really, really stupid.  

Ok maybe not forever. How about for an interim period of say 100 years? 

I am in support of that court ruling that in Malaysia the Allah word can only be used by Muslims and not by Christians. Why? Read the first paragraph again. Its because people are too stupid.  They can get worked up over nothing.

Dont believe me? 

Here is some news from the United States. The same stupid thing has happened over there. And it is about Allah and god. And this time it is the christians who are arguing over this. A christian college professor at an evangelical college has lost her job.

The gist is Prof Larycia Hawkins (the lady in the picture) a christian herself and a professor of political science at the evangelical Wheaton College in Illinois, said that Allah of the Muslims and God of the Christians are one and the same thing.   (My personal view is that Allah of the Quran and the god of the Bible are NOT the same thing at all. Period.)

This created some debate all over America and of course it created a storm in a tea cup on her own campus. She has decided to quit her job.

In this Dec. 13, 2015 photo, Larycia Hawkins, a Christian, and an associate professor 
of political science at Wheaton College, a private evangelical school in Wheaton, Ill., 
wears a hijab at a church service in Chicago.  

Wheaton political science professor Larycia Hawkins to part ways with college

“With a mutual desire for God’s blessing, we have decided to part ways.”

Hawkins on leave since Dec. 15 after she published a Facebook post suggesting that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. 

statement set off wave of controversy across country amid larger debates about the role of Muslims in America.

college said her comments raised significant theological questions 

requested the professor provide a theological statement

After Hawkins issued her theological statement, requested further clarification

she declined, saying “I don’t want to be subjected to a theological inquisition.” 

still concerns that Hawkins’ theological statements “raised important questions” 

Hawkins remains on administrative leave

Hawkins’s December comments that she would wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslim women during Advent, and her comment — Christians and Muslims worship the same God — became especially controversial in evangelical circles. 

received criticism from leading evangelicals, including Franklin Graham

The underlying debate that took place among evangelicals was complex, centered on how the Christian belief in a Trinitarian God — God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit — differs from the God of Islam and Judaism.

Theologians have debated whether Christians and Muslims understand God in the same way, and if so, whether they worship the same “one God.” Do they define the word “worship” in the same way?
My comments : Folks, among the most accomplished philosophers and intellectuals this is also known as crap.  

The Allah of the Quran is certainly not the god of the Bible or the god of Judaism. I have inside information.  I read the Quran.   

In their external appearances, they can all look alike. Dont believe me? Here are three pictures. Can you spot the Jews?

Surprise !! All three pictures above are of Jewish people. The young girl is an orthodox jew.

The two "things" in black are ultra orthodox jews.  So what is the difference between them? The only difference is NONE of this is in the Quran.

Here is one last picture.

These are black garbage bags.  Dont waste time folks. Get on with the life of living.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 - Gong Xi Fa Cai.

To all my Chinese readers here is wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. May the Year of the Monkey bring us abundant energy, health, wealth and happiness.

To all Chinese people here is wishing you the same. Happy Chinese New Year. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

To all Malaysians of all races and celebrations, I also wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year.  May we all enjoy a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Gong Xi  Fa Cai.

Amend Whistleblowers Act As Well

From Day 1 of crawling out from whatever swamp he was in, the new AG has been performing exactly as expected of him. A completely predictable creature. We just wish he would do his job.

His latest pronouncement is that the punishments under the Official Secrets Act should be increased to include life imprisonment and whipping with the cane. If anyone leaks gomen documents, he says they should be sent to prison for life.

Mr AG Man may I  make a suggestion? Why not just sentence the offenders to death by stoning, beheading, drowning in a cage in a swimming pool or something like that? 

Lets go all the way.  This is just a suggestion.

Life imprisonment? I think that is so cissy.  Kids play. 

Because you know, after the guy comes out from life imprisonment, he will probably leak gomen documents again. Does that sound right - comes out of life imprisonment? Can one come out of life imprisonment?

Anyway, to prevent the crime from recurring why not just sentence them to death? 

Folks, can anyone support me on this one? I believe this is a super brilliant idea - much better than the AG's 'life imprisonment' idea.  Make me the AG and I will show you what to do.  (By the way I have been to law school too - but less than a year only.)

Then you also have the whistleblowers act which can now come to be at the opposite ends of the Official Secrets Act.

Whistleblowers, be careful where you blow your whistle because if the AG's idea is taken up and if any of you blow the whistle at the wrong place,  you could go to jail for life.  

But I have a suggestion to amend the Whistleblowers Act as well.  To counter the possibility of  going to jail for life  if you blew your whistle at the wrong place or the wrong time, I think we should increase the rewards for whistleblowers.

How about rewarding whistle blowers with an empty oil drum? Now that is an idea isnt it?   Imagine all the uses for an empty oil drum.   

You could keep your socks, your shoes, your belt, your clothes, your watch and finally even yourself inside an empty oil drum.   Folks, think about that one now because others have already thought about it.

This is not a case of the inmates taking over the mental asylum folks. This is a serious case of moron infestation.  Village morons have taken over the mental asylum.

2 + 2 = ?

The son is the Executive Director of the Audit firm Deloitte.   Here is some older news where Deloitte is mentioned. This is from Malaysiakini here :
  • 1MDB's former auditors Ernsts & Young and KPMG were terminated 
  • “Both Ernst & Young and KPMG were fired by Mr Najib. 
  • Ernst & Young was 1MDB's auditor since 2009, but had either quit or was terminated in September 2010 without signing off any accounts.
  • KMPG took over from Ernst & Young until December 2013, when Delloite was appointed.

My comments : I have no comments

Yennadey. Instead of 'Return On Investment' It Became A 'Returned Investment' Pula !!


Masa universiti di Amerika dulu saya belajaq lah sikit pasal pengurusan bisnes (depa sebut 'management'). Juga saya belajaq sikit pasai engineer. Depa sebut industrial engineering. Seronok juga belajaq lebur besi, potong besi, belajaq 'layout planning' kilang, job shop, process shop, inventory, lojistik, queuing theory dan banyak lagi lah. 

Cara depa urus lojistik  memang canggih.  Contohnya syarikat proses bahan mentah asas minyak (crude oil based). Syarikat memproses minyak gunakan beribuan tan bahan minyak mentah. Katakanlah syarikat A yang ibupejabat di Houston ada keperluan hantar bahan mentah ke San Antonio. Tidak semestinya depa sewa lori atau gerabak keretapi untuk hantar bahan mentah itu dari Houston ke San Antonio.  Depa call syarikat proses minyak B yang lain di San Antonio (yang friendly) dan "pinjam" dulu bahan mentah itu dari syarikat B. Depa suruh syarikat B hantar barang dulu di San Antonio.  

Kemudian bila syarikat B pula ada delivery di kawasan Houston, dia suruh syarikat A pula hantar bahan mentah itu.   Jadi depa cuma "net off" yang berlebihan antara mereka.  Jadi depa jimat transportation cost dan yang paling penting they save time.    

Sistem ini hanya boleh berjaya bila trust level is very high dan kualiti bahan mentah mengikut standards yang tinggi.  Di Malaysia ini, kedai mamak money changer gunakan konsep yang hampir sama. Dari KL dia boleh telefon kawan money changer di Singapore dan suruh dia bayar duit dulu kepada customer di Singapore. Then esok lusa money changer Singapore pula akan telefon balik suruh kawan dia di KL bayar duit kepada customer lain. Depa cuma net off yang berlebihan sesama mereka. Sistem ini perlukan high trust level (networking antara money changer) dan kualiti yang tinggi (jangan dealing dengan duit palsu contohnya). 

Dengan cara ini depa punya 'Return on Investment" akan bertambah, sebab depa jimat  transport and time cost. Return on Investment atau ROI  maksudnya keuntungan dibahagi dengan modal syarikat.

Katakanlah modal money changer adalah RM5 Juta. Untung bersih satu tahun adalah RM1 juta. Jadi ROI = RM1 juta / RM5 juta = 20%.

Kalau dapat ROI 20% seronoklah sikit. Sebab dia kena jaga bisnes hari-hari, bangun awal pagi pergi kerja, pergi ke bank, layan customer dengan baik, dengan senyum nya, jaga keselamatan, takut kena samun, takut kena rompak, kena kerja keras.  

Kalaulah ROI dia cuma 7% atau 5%, lebih baik masuk duit dalam Fixed Deposit dalam bank saja lah. Tak payah kerja tak payah risau apa pun. Tapi dapat ROI yang sikit saja lah.

So sekarang pasal duit beliyon-beliyon ini kita dengar penjelasan baru pula.

1. Dulu depa kata duit itu adalah derma. Putera Saudi bagi derma itu. Nama pendermanya Putera Majid bin Mohamed bin Sultan bin Saud ke entah apa. Kalau tersilap sebut, mampus pi lah. Kemudian orang kata nama itu palsu. Tak wujud pun manusia dengan nama itu.

2. Kemudian depa tukar cerita lagi.  Penderma itu bukan putera Saudi. Depa kata penderma itu adalah Raja Saudi sendiri - King Abdullah. Fuiyyo. Boleh lipat gunung. Tapi kawan tu pula dah mati.

3. So sekarang depa tukar cerita lagi. Bukan King Abdullah yang bagi derma beliyon-beliyon itu tapi anak dia pula.  King Abdullah dulu punyai berbelas bini kut. Belum kira 'spare tyre' lagi.  Anak dia boleh buat pasukan bola cukup dengan Team A, B, dan C kut. Ramai sekali. So depa tak sebut siapa nama anak King Abdullah yang derma duit beliyon itu. Masih rahsia.

4. Sekarang yang latest pula Menteri Luar Arab Saudi kata lain pula. Ini dia berita dari New York Times (saya cangkui dari blog Din Turtle).

Menteri Luar Arab Saudi Adel al Jubuir pula kata :
  • duit itu BUKAN duit Kerajaan Saudi
  • duit itu BUKAN derma atau donation
  • duit itu  adalah investment atau pelaburan
  • duit itu duit seorang individu yang tidak dikenali
Tuan-tuan, ada ustad TV kata zaman imam shafie dan imam abu hanifa dulu, depa tak ada telefon. Jadi susah bagi imam-imam nak berhubung. Maka jadilah mazhab lain-lain sebab imam-imam duduk jauh-jauh, tak jumpa selalu atau semuka untuk bincang apa pun.  

Zaman sekarang pula kita ada smartphone, Internet, Skype, telefon dan macam-macam lah. Habis pasai apa skrip dari Arab Saudi lari jauh dari skrip cerita di Kuala Lumpur?  Yang mana satu yang betul?  Siapa yang bohong? Arab Saudi bohong kah atau orang KL bohong?

Depa kata, duit beliyon itu (RM2.03b) telah dipulangkan kepada Arab Saudi. Yang digunapakai sikit saja ia itu RM600 juta.

Habis apakah ROI atau Return on Investment yang depa bayaq kepada Arab Saudi atas duit RM2.03 beliyon itu?

Sebab kalau duit itu untuk investment, mesti ada ROI atau Return on Investment. 

Yang berlaku sekarang hanya 'Returned Investment" atau modal dipulangkan balik. 

Investment jenis apa pula yang tak ada ROI. Cakap orang Melayu 'tidak berbaloi'. 

And then duit RM600 juta (lebih kurang) that was NOT returned, depa buat apa pula? 

(Nota : Duit yang digunakan US$61Juta = RM264 Juta kalau exchange rate RM4.40. Kalau exchange rate RM3.50 then RM210 juta approx. Tapi AG kata dia pulangkan RM2.03 billion. So RM2.6b tolak RM2.03b = RM570 juta. Banyak juta. Saya pun fening.)

Sebab  Menteri Luar Arab Saudi kata duit itu untuk investment. Habis depa invest RM600 juta (lebih kurang lah) dalam projek apa? Dalam kilang besi kah, hotel resort kah apa? 

Tapi kepala lanun kata dia gunakan duit RM600 untuk pilihanraya pula? 

Arab Saudi bagi dia duit untuk investment. Dia pula guna RM600 juta untuk pilihanraya dan pulangkan balance RM2.03 beliyon kepada Arab Saudi !!
 Skrip sudah lari jauh.

Ok lah sekarang dah masuk waktu makan di rumah saya dan rumah-rumah yang sewaktu dengannya.

Finally, I have to repeat this mantra. I  hope the Media people will follow up on that soalan cepu mas that I asked about the AG's statement that RM2.03 Billion had been sent back to Saudi Arabia in August 2013. 

  • Where did the AG get this information?
  • Was this part of the MACC's investigation papers that were submitted to him?
  • From the MACC's reactions (wanting the AG to reconsider, they want to appeal to their Special Panel etc) it appears that the MACC did not know that the RM2.3 Billion had been returned in August 2013. 
  • IF THIS WAS NOT part of the MACC's investigation papers, then the AG has some serious explaining to do. In the interests of the public, can the AG please clarify.
  • Press, Bar Council,  Town Council, City Council - say something. Please seek to clarify this question as well.