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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tun Dr Mahathir Speaking Clearly

Why cant Boogees Man speak half as clearly?


Breaking News : 1Bugis Still Refuses To Sue Sarawak Report ??

Thats what I heard. Despite all the fantastic revelations by Sarawak Report, the 1Bugis has got no cojones to sue Sarawak Report. Pon*an fellow. 

I think the lanun should sue Sarawak Report to clear his name. Sarawak Report is dragging his name through the cesspool. 

Who is the main person behind Sarawak Report? Well here she is:

 Lanun 1Bugis Does Not Dare Sue This Woman. Penakut.

Editor Clare Rewcastle Brown 


Born    1960, aged 54
British Crown Colony of Sarawak
Nationality    United Kingdom national
Alma mater    London School of Economics
Occupation    Journalist
Editor-in-chief of Sarawak Report
Spouse(s)    Andrew Brown
Parent(s)    Karen (mother)
Clare Rewcastle Brown is a British investigative journalist. Born in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, she is the founder of Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak.
Brown was born in Sarawak to British parents (before the territory formed Malaysia) and attended the local primary school.  

Her mother, Karen, was a midwife who helped look after indigenous babies at remote clinics.

She moved to the United Kingdom when she was eight, attended private boarding school and subsequently obtained her masters degree in international relations from the London School of Economics. She became a journalist, joining the BBC World Service in 1983.
Clare is married to Andrew Brown, the younger brother of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
During a visit to Sarawak in 2005 to speak at an environment conference, Brown was asked by local journalists and activists to help publicize the deforestation in the state. However, when she began probing into the issue, she became blacklisted from the state and received death threats.

Sarawak Report is published from London. If they want to sue, it must be in the British Courts. If you sue them in the British Courts, they will strip you to the bone and then have your bones X rayed. Cannot hide anything. So I dont think the 1Bugis will be suing Sarawak Report.

Bloga prepaid sila ambil perhatian.

Klentong Lanun 1Bugis Malaysia

Bloga prepaid, bloga postpaid dan bloga fully paid sedang menyelamatkan kapal lanun Bugis daripada tenggelam.

This is a copy paste from Jebat Must Die's Blog. Short and to the point.  Jebat is also an accountant - I think. He has pointed out the Moron's nonsensical reply about the thievery that is going on at 1MDB.  This is a kes curi - pure and simple. 

Anyway here is Jebat:


The Prime Minister is misleading the people with his FAQ

The Prime Minister issued his latest FAQ which yet again did not answer any of the questions posed to him.
We would have thought that he could at least explain what exactly the cash/paper assets/units fiasco all about since he is also the Finance Minister and the Advisor of 1MDB. But he did not.
In fact, when it is concerning 1MDB, the PM (or maybe his coterie of failed consultants) are desperately spinning the issue further.
He said:
Indeed, some of the allegations that have been made have no grounding in reality, for instance Tun’s claim that I am responsible for a loss of RM42 billon on 1MDB’s balance sheet. This appears to be a deliberate twisting of the facts as 1MDB has not made a loss of this amount. This is the amount of its total debt; debt that is far exceeded by the company’s assets of RM51 billion, as audited and confirmed by Deloitte. Most large companies around the world have high levels of debt, there is nothing unusual about this.
In the first place, Tun never claimed that there was a RM42 billion loss in 1MDB. He said, and every rational people in Malaysia agreed that the RM42 billion loans 1MDB took are unaccounted for and some may have been lost. Disappeared. Vanished.
Surely the Prime Minister must not think that Tun and the rest of fellow Malaysians are too stupid to discern between the words ‘loss’, and ‘unaccounted money lost’?
In Bahasa Malaysia, lost is ‘hilang’, ‘lesap‘. While the word loss means ‘rugi’.
Q: Where is the RM27 billion? A: Sultan Pahang supports me
If the Prime Minister’s so called corporate comms team could not grasp this most basic of definition, then no wonder the Prime Minister has an image of a clueless leader.
The fact that the Prime Minister is deliberately trying to mislead the people in his own FAQ while accusing Tun as twisting the facts is so ironic, we just had to smile at this sheer foolishness.
Nobody ever said that 1MDB is suffering a P&L loss of RM42 billion. People were asking, if the assets bought was RM15 billion at cost, while the loans taken was RM42 billion, then where is the balance of RM27 billion?
It does not matter if 1MDB has assets worth RM52 billion. The truth is in the pudding. If 1MDB is having a really strong balance sheet, then why the need to borrow from MOF, nearly RM1 billion in standby credit last March and RM2 billion from a billionaire last February just to pay off its loan interests?
What happened to the often repeated mantra – ‘there is nothing wrong with 1MDB, they have billions of cash and a lot of assets’?
He further added:
He (Tun) also claimed that I do not answer issues surrounding 1MDB, but I have gone beyond that  and instructed the Auditor General to conduct an audit of 1MDB, the results of which will be presented to the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee. This should ensure that the process is transparent, and all questions that have been asked of the company are independently answered by legitimate bodies rather than politically motivated sources.
Enough with the AG report already please. Going beyond answering, but veering the topic by saying you have instructed the AG to audit 1MDB is still not answering the questions!
Why are we, the questioning people, being treated like an idiot by this Prime Minister?
Simple questions like, ‘who is Jho Low?”, or why did 1MDB enter into a JV agreement with Petro Saudi and its contracts signed just within 3 days without any due diligence done before accepting the dubious ‘oil exploration rights’ in exchange for USD1.5 billion in equity?
The Auditor General could never answer these two questions let alone other tougher questions. Yet, the PM is asking people to wait for the report. What can it prove? Just like 1MDB’s external auditor, the AG report might prove nothing. There are so many unscrupulous companies that had obtained good, unqualified audit reports from external auditors throughout history.
And who are these legitimate bodies independently answering questions about 1MDB? Please don’t tell us, it is all those dubious Facebook accounts set up just to defend it? What credibility do they have? Are they the staff of 1MDB? Are they getting paid by the Prime Minister?
1MDB should be answering the questions themselves, on daily basis. This is crisis management 101. But the Prime Minister himself is telling the people that external bodies are answering on behalf of 1MDB. How incompetent!
There is also evidence that the Prime Minister has no clue to what the role of external auditors is all about when on May 18th, he stated:
“Auditors will not sign if even RM1 million is missing. Now it is said that RM42 billion has vanished. How can it vanish? It hasn’t vanished, there are assets, there are liabilities.”
The auditing community had a good laugh when the PM said that. In reality, when auditing  billion ringgit company like 1MDB, the auditors will not even check something relatively miniscule as RM1 million.
Auditors use sampling method, and materiality testing. There is no way auditors can audit anything 100%. Their audit opinion and report even stated that.
And on top of it all, obviously the RM42 billion loans can be seen in 1MDB’s accounts. It is there for all to see in the balance sheet. It’s called historical accounting. But the money is vanished, obviously used up by unknown people (unknown at this point of time). How can we make ourselves clearer to this clueless PM?
This what happens when we have a career politician as a leader, and non-financial people as speech writers. To digress, a career politician is a person who never gained any meaningful experience in other sectors than politics.
It is sad to see how an embattled Prime Minister is desperately trying to hoodwink the people into supporting him. Worse, his efforts to defend himself fall flat on his face due to the incompetent advisors surrounding him.
Perhaps the Prime Minister need to apply the bullshit indicator onto himself first before giving out further FAQs.

My comments : Kepada semua bloga prepaid, post paid dan fully paid, dengar baik-baik. 

1MDB bayar commission sebanyak RM1.54 BELIYON kepada Goldman Sachs, bank Yahudi juga (Yahudi yang kita sangat bencikan itu, betul tak).  J@d@h mana sanggup bayar komisyen RM1.54 BELIYON kepada Goldman Sachs? Untuk apa? Pinjaman atas nama Kerajaan Malaysia (100% shareholder 1MDB). Bukan Kerajaan Zimbabwe lah. This is your country also. Dapat sikit duit dalam kocek jadi s*n**l.

Tapi soalan cepumas nya - dalam akaun 1MDB yang Najib tak faham tu, di mana duit RM1.54 BELIYON yang dia bayar kepada Goldman Sachs? Sebab bloga prepaid semua happy saja dok mengulang "aset RM54 BELIYON, melebihi liability RM42 BELIYON." 

Ok, jadi duit RM1.54 BELIYON yang ditelan Goldman Sachs bank Yahudi itu kita nak kira aset ke, liabiliti ke, expense ke, kena garu tel*q dulu ke? Macam mana tu?

Nanti dulu. Ini ada lebih sikit:

OK bebloga prepaid dengar baik-baik. Ini quite simple. Sarawak Report says Lanun 1Bugis telah 'sign' (sebab ikut CEO pula dia kata "everyone knows that everything has to be signed by the boss") duit US$860 Juta (RM3.0 BELIYON!!) masuk dalam akaun Jo Low.

OK saya setuju ini adalah tuduhan semata. Tapi bukan tuduhan membuta. Sarawak Report ada tunjuk dokumen. Cara nak patahkan tuduhan ini tersangat tersimple. 

Just show us that you still have that US$860 Million (RM3.0 BELIYON). Itu saja.  

Bukan saja Sarawak Report kena telan air ludah tapi dia kena telan spenda dia sekali. 

So kepada bloga prepaid you have a fantastic opportunity to make Sarawak Report swallow their own spit and also eat their own underwear. Just show proof where is this US$860 Million (RM3.0 BELIYON). 

Now here is more. Sekarang Sarawak Report "temui" lagi banyak dokumen yang mengatakan bahawa Jo Lo di bayar US$330 Juta lagi (RM1.2 beliyon!!)  Aiyyo Mama!! Another RM1.2 BELIYON ??

So kepada bloga prepaid, post paid dan fully paid ini adalah satu peluang besar bagi anda untuk tutup mulut Sarawak Report, tutup mulut Tun Dr Mahathir, tutup mulut OutSyed The Box, tutup mulut Jebat Must Die dan semua sekali. 

Just show us that this US330 million is inside a bank account (in real cash). Bukan "units" entah kepala hotak ape.

Sebab yang Tun Dr Mahathir tanya, yang masih belum dijawab adalah yang berikut :

Pinjam RM42 BELIYON.

Shopping RM15 BELIYON.

Baki RM27 BELIYON pi mana?

Very simple. Apa susah sangat nak faham?

Ok bloga prepaid, bloga post paid dan bloga fully paid, ini ada lagi bola tanggung for you. High  ball, easy to smash.
Sekali lagi Sarawak Report kata duit BERBELIYON-BELIYON telah disiphon (disedut) masuk ke dalam akaun Jo Low. Inilah bola tanggung yang anda nanti-nantikan. 

Anda boleh londehkan Sarawak Report. Just show us that this BELIYON-BELIYON is still in 1MDB's accounts. In cash, as part of that missing RM27 BELIYON.  Boleh tak. 

Remember this simpe equation :

Pinjam (duit betul, bukan 'units') RM42 BELIYON.

Shopping (IPP dah berkarat) RM15 BELIYON.

Baki RM27 BELIYON pi mana?
So bloga prepaid, camno? Boleh jawab ke tak boleh?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GST Driving Economy Into Recession, Melayu Miskin Dulu, FGV Pun Nak Bungkus Nasi Lemak

We were visiting a friend who runs a business importing arts, antiques and stuff. The business is over 30 years old and has done well. She has retail outlets as well as selling on consignments, on contract from Interior Designers and such.

Her business has been badly hit by the GST. The worse are her credit card sales. Her items are expensive - a small thing carved out of teak may cost RM1000, an inlaid table goes for RM3500 etc. Beautiful super kingsized chess pieces (I want, I want) made from camel bone is close to RM3000. 

There is (or was) a market for her goods. But with the GST,  her credit card sales have fallen by 70%. This is because if you buy something for RM5000, you must add 6% or RM300 to the tab. Thats RM5300 on your credit card. That also means monthly interest of 1.5% on that extra RM300  (by your credit card company).

So people are not using their credit cards for big items. And who carries RM5000 cash inside their handbags? Not everyone carries a handbag as big as a pillow.

But here is the trickle down effect. Since her sales have fallen through the floor, she will not need to call the lorry fellows to deliver her items. So lorry drivers and delivery boys have less work. Upah lori pun tak dapatlah.  

Tak payahlah lori isi minyak disel di stesen Petronas.  Bisnes dah jatuh. 

At all points of the chain the majority of workers and people involved are Malays. Melayu juga miskin dulu. This is what the GST is doing folks.

I suspect the economy will hit a recession in less than six months.

Then we read today that Felda Global Ventures shares are now trading like paper lama.  From RM4.65 IPO price the shares have gone below RM2.00.  
  • FGV slips below RM2 as weak results weigh
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Felda Global Ventures’ share price fell below RM2 
  • core net loss of RM44mil in the first quarter ended March 31, 2015
  • FGV was down 10 sen to RM1.91. 
  • due to lower fresh fruit bunches (FFB) output 
  • and losses from its downstream division
  • results below full-year projections of RM311mil and RM430mil respectively
  • culprits are lower-than-expected FFB output and RM44m downstream losses
  • stock remains a Reduce as concerned about poor results 
  • potential removal from FBM 30 index due to lower market capitalisation
Their performance is over 90% below projections.  Some clowns say the loss is because of the floods. What about other oil palm companies? They are not underperforming their projected earnings by over 90%. How do you explain that? 

The floods affected Kelantan and parts of Pahang.  Felda has vast plantations throughout the country.  Not just in Pahang.  How do you explain that?

There are other more serious problems in Felda.  

Car sales have also dropped through the basement floor. This is from Paul Tan's Motoring blog here.  

car industry experienced massive 32.7% drop in April compared to March
selling just 45,187 units compared to 67,314 the month before
best selling brand Perodua, 17,584 cars in the month. 
number two in April is Honda sold 6,562 cars
Toyota trailing behind at 6,032 units. 
Proton number four with 4,972 cars
Proton sales decreased over 50% in April compared to March 
other players in the top four dropped between 16% to 31%
Proton is still number two after Perodua
Mazda down by 53%
Hyundai down by 46%,
Ford down by 80%, 
Mitsubishi down by 73%, 
Kia down by 54%. 
Mercedes-Benz dropped 5%, 
BMW sales went up by 21%. 
Lexus sales went up by 7% 
Audi dropped 13%. 
MINI massive 57% increase 

Overall car sales dropped 37%. Down by over 22,000 new cars - in one month.  Well May is now coming to an end as well. I dont think the numbers for May are going to be any better.

This means that kedai spare part kurang bisnes, stesen minyak kurang bisnes, servis kereta kurang nisnes, mekanik kereta kurang bisnes. Semua orang lingkup.

Why do I say Melayu miskin dulu? Look at the Proton sales - kereta orang miskin - down by over 50% !!  Perodua sales also fell by over 20%.

Kereta orang kaya (BMW, Mini, Lexus, Mercedes either increased or decreased just a little).  Berapa ramai Melayu dalam kategori ini agaknya? 

In every sector of the economy, sales are falling like crazy. I already wrote that one hypermarket has suffered sales decrease of 28%. Our own jewellery sales are down by more. 

All this will end up in companies laying off workers, massive unemployment, businesses closing shop,  economy grinding down. This is happening.

The Bugis Bugger said 1.5 million jobs have been created or some crap like that. 

The very next day the EPU Minister said there were 400,000 unemployed graduates, (over 90% of whom are Malays / bumiputras). 

Then the JPA issued a circular saying that the gomen will NOT be hiring any more new staff.  No vacancies in the gomen service.

Today the papers say MAS (the airline) will lay off 6000+ workers.  

I say kekawan this is too late. The sh*t has already hit the fun.  

The economy is going down. The country is going down, down, down.

Folks, all of you better do something about this. Super Moron has to go.

Dia dan kawan-kawan crook dia kaya raya.  Naik turun private jet yang kita bayar, songlap duit besar billion-billion,  kroni kroni hidup mewah gila.  Yang jadi miskin dulu, orang Melayu juga.  Who is making a fool of whom?

Syabas UMNO Caw Kg. Baru Kuala Perai

Rupanya UMNO Pulau Pinang masih makan roti telor.  Syabas kepada kekawan UMNO Kg Baru Kuala Perai.

I think we are going to see more of these protest banners all over the country.  The people are fed up. Now the UMNO boys are beginning to show their true colours. No one supporrts  Super Moron. Not even IQ 3.85. 

The moment the tree begins to shake, the monkeys will be the first to jump onto another tree. Some monkeys will jump sooner, some later. They will all jump.

I hope UMNO Perai and UMNO Kepala Batas will set off a snowball effect.

Kekawan bukan susah buat benda ni. Just stand up and tell him to go. Dia akan belah. Super bacul No 1.

One Month Extension To Go To Singapore ??

Someone sent me this. This is that former CEO of 1MDB guy who refused to appear before the PAC. He said he needed more time (one month) to prepare for the PAC.

Well it looks like he is in Singapore at the Cafe Swiss, Swissotel Singapore on the 26 May, 2015 busy preparing for the PAC.

Let me save everyone some hassle ok. That money is gone, gone gone.

Pinjam RM42 beliyon. Shopping RM15 beliyon. Balance RM27 beliyon pi mana? Sudah hilang.

That money is gone.  There are ways to get it back.  But you need some common sense and an  even lesser amount of guts.  Sadly both are lacking in this country.

Here is a joke folks. 

Why are the Arab countries so screwed up? Because that is where the Arabs live. 

Get it?