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Sunday, April 30, 2017


This was sent to me by someone:


1. In killing the terrorists, you will only kill the worker bees. The queen bees are the preachers, who teach a deviant form of Islam in schools and Islamic centres, who capture and twist the minds of the young.”

2. "The late Lee Kuan Yew  identified several leading causes and named Saudi Arabia and its oil money as one of the main culprits for the spread of radical Islam.    After the price of oil quadrupled in 1973, “Saudi Arabia has generously financed the Dakwa (missionary) movement by building mosques and religious schools (madrasahs) and paying for preachers (ulamas) throughout the world, spreading the teachings and practices of its austere version of Wahabist Islam,” he said.  This made it possible for extremists to reach and recruit from Saudi-funded mosques and madrassas."

How Does Lee Kuan Yew Think We Can Solve The Terrorism Crisis?

The late Lee Kuan Yew was known for some politically incorrect remarks about the Muslims. 

In fact, he was even once accused for calling Islam a ‘venomous’ religion though he rejected the WikiLeaks cable claim by saying that it was false.

In the light of the recent global attention on the ISIS, Lee Kuan Yew did have some unique insights to contribute to the topic of radical Islamic fundamentalists.

These views of his were expressed in a book about him titled “Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights On China, The United States, And The World”; interviews with the press and speeches.

Here is what Lee Kuan Yew thought about the issue of terrorism and Muslim extremists:

1) Lee Kuan Yew thought this is a conflict between extremist Muslims and rational Muslims


According to Lee Kuan Yew, this ongoing conflict appears on the surface to be “a struggle between extremist radicals in the Muslim world on one side and America, Israel, and their Western allies on the other”.

However, if you look deeper, this struggle is “about what Islam means between the extremist Muslims and the rationalist Muslims, between fundamentalist Muslims and modernist Muslims.”

“Eventually, the fight will boil down to one between Muslims who want to return to the Islam of the 11th century (when Islam shut out the outside world and cut itself off from new ideas) and those who want to see a modern Islam attuned to the 21st century,” he said.


2) Lee Kuan Yew believed that moderate Muslims should own the problem


Lee believed the responsibility to solve this problem lies with the moderate Muslims. Quoting him, “Only the Muslims themselves, those with moderate, more modern approach to life – can fight the fundamentalists for control of the Muslim soul. Muslims must counter the terrorist ideology that is based on a perverted interpretation of Islam.

He added that Muslims who refuse to take on this responsibility are “ducking the issue and allowing the extremists to hijack not just Islam, but the whole of the Muslim community.”

So how does he recommend moderate Muslims go about doing that?

Muslims who want to be a part of science and technology must confront and stop these Islamists from preaching violence and hatred. They must get the Muslim scholars and religious teachers to preach that Islam is a religion of peace, not terror, and that it is tolerant of other people and their faiths” he advised.

He observed that the majority of Muslims who are moderates are not speaking up due to two factors.
  1. Their sympathy for and identification with the Palestinians and anger against the Israelis, and
  2. Their desire for a peaceful life of growth and progress.
I guess those who believe in Martin Luther King’s quote that “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” may agree with him.


3) Lee Kuan Yew blamed  Saudi Arabia for spreading radical Islam

Lee said  the root cause of Islamic terrorism is not the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rather, he believed  “It is not poverty, it is not deprivation, it is something more fundamental, a resurgence of Arab and Islamic pride, and a belief that their time has come,”

“After 40 years of patchy economic development, many Arabs feel anger and humiliation that their once glorious civilisation has been diminished by the West, especially America and corrupted by its licentious culture,” he explained.

The late Lee identified several leading causes and named Saudi Arabia and its oil money as one of the main culprits for the spread of radical Islam.

After the price of oil quadrupled in 1973, “Saudi Arabia has generously financed the Dakwa (missionary) movement by building mosques and religious schools (madrasahs) and paying for preachers (ulamas) throughout the world, spreading the teachings and practices of its austere version of Wahabist Islam,” he said.

This made it possible for extremists to reach and recruit from Saudi-funded mosques and madrassas.

4) The international community should support moderate Muslims in combating Islamic extremism

Russia is already combining efforts with France to fight ISIS but is currently facing problems in getting the US onboard.

Lee Kuan Yew believed the international community can help to “reassure and persuade moderate Muslims” and “give moderate Muslims the courage to stand up and speak out against radicals who have hijacked Islam to recruit volunteers for their violent ends”.

By providing support, they can show moderate Muslims that “they are not going to lose, that they have the weight, the resources of the world behind them.”

This will give them the courage to “go into the mosques and madrassahs and switch off the radicals”.

Lee stressed the importance of global collaboration and the importance of a “Multilateral approach  backed by the Europe, Russia, US, China, India and all non-Muslim governments to its cause, along with many moderate Muslims.”

“If the West were to reach a consensus and agree on their strategy against terrorists… together with Japan, China, and Russia, moderate Muslims who want to modernize their societies would have confidence and courage to take on the extremists and stop them from producing more terrorists.”

“When moderate Muslim governments feel comfortable associating themselves openly with a multilateral coalition against Islamist terrorism, the tide of battle will turn against the extremists,” he predicted.


5) Lee Kuan Yew thought  that killing the terrorists won’t help

Lee also suggested that a military solution was not enough on its own.

“You must use force. But force will only deal with the tip of the problem.

In killing the terrorists, you will only kill the worker bees. The queen bees are the preachers, who teach a deviant form of Islam in schools and Islamic centres, who capture and twist the minds of the young.”

To put it simply, he thought that existing efforts merely 治镖不治本 – Treat the symptoms but not the problem.

My comments :  I have been saying the same things. Day in and day out. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Part 2 Salafi Project For Malaysia : Ikhwan Muslimin aka Muslim Brotherhood, Fountain of Islamist Violence

Here is a fantastic piece of research on the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwanul Muslimin by Cynthia Farahat the Egyptian scholar and writer.  I have mentioned Cynthia Farahat earlier in another post.

In her website ( Cynthia has given permission to use her article but to be reproduced in full.  This is where I have to break the rules and truncate her article for easy reading.  (O'wise depa tak mahu baca pun.)

Please do read my comments at the bottom, as well as my other comments in between.

Mar 8, 2017 
By: Cynthia Farahat
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2017


MB founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna 
Egyptian schoolteacher from rural town 
from young Banna intimidated, harassed Christians, Muslims

in 2014, UAE designated MB and int'nal affiliate CAIR as terrorist groups
British asserted MB highly ambiguous relationship with violent extremism
as ideology and network MB has been rite of passage for violence, terrorism

US recently introduced Senate bill to designate MB terror organization
Feb 2016 House Judiciary Committee approved bill to designate MB terrorist 
July 2016 “Naming the Enemy within Homeland Security Act” 
prohibits funding or collaborating with organizations associated with MB

Historical Background
MB a militaristic organization since inception 
operated as terrorist entity for almost a century

influenced establishment of most Sunni terrorist organizations
al-Qaeda, al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (GI) Hamas, Islamic State (ISIS). 
founded, directly inspired, indoctrinated, recruited by MB
Contrary to what MB says, violence is an ongoing activity

MB founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna (1906-49)
Egyptian schoolteacher, watch repairer from rural town 

steeped in Hanbali school popular among Salafi jihadists
Banna engaged in Islamist activities from young age
joined local group intimidate Christians, Muslims in hometown

fascinated by secret societies, cults, fraternal orders
drove him to form MB as fraternity cult 
with own secret militia—al-Tanzim al-Khass (Secret Apparatus)
executing military training and terror activities
Secret Apparatus : assassinations, large wave of bombings
Dec 1946 bombed eight police stations in Cairo
bombed trains in Sharqia and Ismailia
King George Hotel in Ismailia
1948 police raid confiscated 165 bombs

Secret Apparatus numerous acts of political violence in Egypt
1947 assassination of Judge Ahmed Khazinder Bey 
1948 assassination of Prime Minister Mahmoud Nuqrashi Pasha
At that time MB had 60,000 to 70,000 rifles
military buildup ac-companied by infiltration of Egyptian army
including conspiratorial group of Free Officers
July 1952 overthrew monarchy in coup

Banna assassinated in 1949

Hassan Hudaybi succeeded him as Mursyidul Am of MB
arrested in 1965 for planning to assassinate President Nasser
Hudaybi three-year prison sentence 
MB’s ideologue Sayyed Qutb executed in 1966 
false denial standard tactic of MB 

(Outsourcing Violence)  

1960s and early 1970s formation of MB terror groups under independent banners
1st was Gama’at al-Muslimin   aka Takfir wa-l-Hijra (Excommunication and Emigration)
formed by 2 leaders of Secret Apparatus : Shukri Mustafa, Sheikh Ali Ismael

2nd group created by MB was al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (GI)
responsible for Oct 1981 assassination of Anwar Sadat
Both groups founded by active leaders of MB
Sadat equated GI with Brotherhood 
GI leader and MB spiritual authority : Omar Abdel Rahman
Omar Abdel Rahman (“The Blind Sheikh”) 
convicted of 1993 bombing of World Trade Center in New York

Omar The Blind died in prison in North Carolina on Feb 18, 2017
Mursyidul Am of MB and founder of Gemaa Islamiyya

Morsi’s 1st speech as president called for Omar The Blind's release 
acknowledged Omar's family who were present in audience

1990s Egypt battled sustained wave of Islamist terrorism 
attacks on govt officials, Coptic minority, murder tourists 
attempt on life of President Hosni Mubarak in June 1995

formation of Intn'l Apparatus by Banna’s son-in-law Said Ramadan
fled Egypt to Saudi in 1954, Ramadan then moved to Geneva in 1958 

Ramadan established MB's Intn'l Apparatus under Mustafa Mashour


Father in law and son in law team. Above left is Hassan Banna, founder of MB. 
On the right is Said Ramadan who ran away to Geneva and set up the MB's  "Intn'l Apparatus".  
Said Ramadan is the father of Tariq Ramadan who is a frequent visitor to Malaysia. 
Keep all this in mind. Jangan jadi bodoh.

Mashour head of Secret Apparatus and future Murshidul Am
author of militant manifesto “Jihad Is the Way.
Mashour fled Egypt to Germany in 1986, reestablished Intn'l Apparatus

Chakib Ben Makhlouf most prominent leader of MB’s Geneva office
also president of Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe
described as “most dangerous operative of MB's Intn'l Apparatus"
Geneva office funneled funds to establish Gama’a al-Islamiyya
Intn'l Apparatus involved in operating, funding terror attacks in USA

Intern'l Apparatus’s most critical mission to infiltrate, subvert, recruit operatives in army, govt, educational systems, intelligence agencies of the MB’s targeted states in what is called “civilization jihad.” (Jihad Hadhari) 

Jihad Hadhari detailed in 1991 document "Explanatory Memorandum"

outlined Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic goals 

1980s and 1990s most important decades for “Jihad Hadhari” 
Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch 
Hamas transformed from charitable org. to full-fledged terror group 

seeds sown for al-Qaeda through Maktab al-Khidmat (MAK, Services Bureau)
aka Maktab Khidmat Mujahidin Arab (Services Bureau of Arab Jihadists) 
and Afghan Services Bureau

Soviet occupation of Afghan 1980s

MB busy recruiting, providing jihadist services through MAK in Middle East

1984 MB's Abdullah Azzam established MAK office in Jordan

Azzam organized MB's “global jihad” movement
earned him alias, “The Father of Global Jihad”
Azzam  philosophy inspired GI and Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) 
Azzam greatly inspired Osama bin Laden
whom Azzam taught at Saudi university

1985 Azzam, Osama, al Zawahiri founded MAK in Pakistan evolved into al-Qaeda

Amman MAK recruited Abu Musab Zarqawi
Zarqawi founded Jama’at Tawhid wal Jihad 
evolved into al-Qaeda in Iraq and eventually into ISIS
morphed into ISIS after Zarqawi’s death in June 2006

2014 interview in Al-Arabiya, MB spiritual guide Yusuf Qaradawi admitted ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi member of Muslim Brotherhood.

 Qardawi confirmed to Al Arabiya that
Abu Bakar Baghdadi was a member of the MB or Ikhwan

MB leaders publicly announced support for ISIS
including Qatar-based Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim

Muslim Brotherhood organizationally involved with al-Qaeda

A Political Party or a Jihadi Group?
Brotherhood is bedrock of worst terror groups in today’s world 
violence is endemic to the movement’s raison d’être
restoring caliphate via violent jihad

why Banna used military terminology in structuring MB
calling the organization “Allah’s battalion”
a term used to this very day to denote the MB’s governing core
current MB leadership includes violent jihadist like Abdel Moneim Abul Futuh
MB’s 95 Brigade militia engaged in abduction, beating, torture
MB's Secret Apparatus remains intact and operational 
new recruits undergo military training by 95 Brigade
which played active role in January 2011 Mubarak’s downfall
Islamic Reformers
brutality of ISIS, Brotherhood has led to Islamic reformist movement 
vastly more popular than Brotherhood itself
unprecedented reform movement received little attention in West

For example, Islam Behery, a heroic leader, jailed for a year for blasphemy 
for insulting al-Azhar University and Sunni doctrine on his television show

TV show dedicated to exposing brutality, terrorism of Sunni doctrine 
offered a non-theocratic, liberal interpretation of Islam 
pushes for separation of mosque and state
Behery received presidential pardon Dec 2016, unprecedented in Egypt

Another supporter of reformation, freedom of thought - Ibrahim Issa

popular Egyptian commentator, TV host, editor-in-chief of Al-Maqal. 

Issa’s reformist stance placed him on terrorist hit lists since 1992
Muslim Brotherhood made him high profile target
in 2015 official fatwa declaring him an “infidel.”
prominent secular Sayyed Qemani another heroic figure of Islamic reform 
currently facing incarceration for blasphemy 
His sin: stating al-Azhar U be designated a terrorist organization

Behery, Qemani have support of mainstream media in Egypt and Middle East
they have dramatically changed Islamic political discourse
West has never heard of their heroic efforts.
war of ideas highly dynamic in today’s Middle East
vast majority of peaceful Muslims marginalized by West 

deadly Brotherhood cult responsible for a century of terror 
since young Banna engaged in harassment of Christian, Muslim neighbors

Since then Brotherhood established Hamas as Palestinian wing. 
Three Brotherhood activists established al-Qaeda. 
Brotherhood leaders founded Gama’a Islamiyya, Egyptian Islamic Jihad. 

Brotherhood members started video decapitations
one of its former operatives is caliph of Islamic State

MB has other connections to other foreign terrorist organizations

Brotherhood intention to infiltrate society, institutions, subverting from inside

Cannot counter Islamic terrorism without allying with Muslim figures fighting on the forefront of the battle of ideas. 

US can give these moderate Muslims a voice

Cynthia Farahat, a Middle East Forum Writing Fellow and columnist for Al-Maqal daily newspaper, is currently working on a book about the Muslim Brotherhood.

My comments :  

In this lengthy article above, Cynthia Farahat only mentions in passing about Yusuf Qardhawi. Yusuf Qardhawi is the real spiritual head of the Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood until today. He has been living in exile in Qatar since forever. 

This is Yusuf Qardhawi :

When the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi took over Egypt for a brief period from June 2012 until July 2013, it enabled Yusuf Qardhawi to return to Egypt for a short time.  

Upon his arrival Yusuf Qardhawi conducted an open air Friday Prayer at Tahrir Square in Cairo which was attended by hundreds of thousands of people. The saviour of the Ikhwan Muslimin had come home.

Then when the Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out in 2013, Yusuf Qardhawi escaped back to Qatar. 

Here are some people who have been in Yusuf Qardhawi's circle of followers,  disciples and supporters over the past 30 years or so all over the world. Observe how they have aged over time but still remain close to Yusuf Qardhawi. 

Ikhwan Muslimin's Mohd Morsi welcoming Yusuf Qardhawi

 Qardhawi with Ikhwan Muslimin operative Khaled Mashal, 
also Prime Minister of Gaza.

 Ikhwan's Khaled Meshal with unknown person

 Above :  Qardhawi in younger days, about 30 yrs ago

 About 30 years later : Qardhawi dictating

An older Qardhawi keeping in touch

The Ikhwan has many friends

I also have some personal history with these Ikhwan types - though at that time I was not fully aware of them. 35 years ago as a student in the United States I attended a mosque that was run by these Ikhwan types. The funding for the mosque was from Saudi Arabia but the guys in the mosque went around calling each other 'Ikhwan' -  a dead give away.

The mosque had discussions where they would also discuss Syed Qutb. Syed Qutb was one of the earlier leaders of the Ikhwan Muslimin and was considered its idealogue.     He wrote an ultra-thin book called Milestones  (Ma'alim Fi al Tariq)  which is a waste of time. The book is like a Bible for the Ikhwan.


So Cynthia Farahat shows the links  that the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan Muslimin is linked to terrorist organizations like  ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas and al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya (Jemaah Islamiyah).

First of all pay attention to these phrases that originate from the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan Muslimin:

1. Mursyidul Am
2. Gemaa Islamiyah  (Jemaah Islam)
3. A'mal Jihadia Hadharia or Jihad Hadhari

1.  Mursyidul Am :  In our country the retards have  Mursyidul Am in their party.   They have copy catted the Ikhwan Muslimin.

2.  Jemaah Islam or JI is a well known terrorist organisation outlawed in Malaysia and Indonesia.  

In the 1990s there was also an active Jemaah Islam or JI  e-group . You could join their e-group and debate with them - but they will always kick you out.

My friends and I used to enter their e-groups to engage (anonymously) with  some of their heroes or jaguh.  

One of their heroes is now No. 2 in the party retard.    Small world isnt it?
3.  Jihad Hadhari or "civilization struggle". The full wording is  "A'mali Jihadia Hadaria" which means civilization jihad operation.

This is from the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist International Apparatus.   

The term Jihad Hadhari first appeared in a 1991 document titled "The Explanatory Memorandum"   (Cynthia Farahat).

In Malaysia we have also had 'Islam Hadhari' - most certainly that name was inspired by the same "Jihad Hadhari."

It simply shows the extent of the Salafi / Wahhabi / Ikhwan Muslimin influence among the highest ranks  in Malaysia.

Most certainly Salafism / Wahhabism  is a greater threat to the future of Malaysia than communism ever was.  

If Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchay is serious about curbing jihadi extremism in Malaysia, then he must finger who is the top person or group of persons who are the leaders, instigators, facilitators into bringing all these Salafism, Wahabism, violent ideologies etc into Malaysia over the past decades. There has to be someone or some group of people. 

And they do really exist. 

They have set up NGOs, relief organisations, they organise huge annual conferences, they run madrassahs, schools and kindergartens.   These are the Salafi / Wahabi outfits. Also linked to the Ikhwan Muslimin. 

That ISIS university in Shah Alam is certainly in this loop. So is that muallaf's madrassah.

Folks, Muslims as well as non Muslims, lets keep our eyes and ears open. Talk to your friends about this. That is the most powerful tool to effect change. When we know what is really going on around us.   

I also wish more people will join me in  talking about this.   There are so few of us.   

Friday, April 28, 2017

Part 1 - The Salafi Project In Malaysia, South East Asia

This is from Today Online in Singapore here.   This is a speech delivered by Singapore's Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam at Johns Hopkins University's  School of Advanced Intn'l Studies.  

I hope our local "security experts", Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Civil Servants will read this carefully.  Singapore has top notch talent  that knows how to handle  these situations.

But let me first give you my own conclusion to this posting.  

I have been saying a thousand times that the jihadi extremists can be easily defeated through intellectual discussion and intelligent dialogue. 

Whenever you apply intellect, logic, demand proofs and sound explanations, then the jihadis lose the argument.  They just cannot show any evidence for what they say.

They know this better than everyone else.

This is why the jihadis will absolutely NOT AGREE  to allow free speech, free discussion and free criticism of their religions. 

That is also why in Malaysia they support  the 3,5,6 Laws (specific for Muslims) and now they are attempting the RUU355 amendment. 

The desired effect is the same : No Muslim should be allowed to freely discuss or criticise the religious authorities. 

If you say anything they do not agree with, they can charge you and fine you and/or lock you up in jail. Just for saying things they do not agree with.  

All this acts in favour of the jihadis and the extremists.  The Salafis and other extremists  are now poised to influence all levels of the government and society in Malaysia. The 3,5,6 or the RUU355 allows the jihadis to hijack the whole country. Better watch out. 

They need the 'dont you dare question me' factor. The people must be kept stupid. Look at the banner on the right hand side of this page.  Questioning shall not be allowed.  

The simplest and most powerful weapon to completely neutralise the jihadis and extremists is free and unfettered discussion and criticism of their religious beliefs  without any threat of prosecution by the State and/or persecution by the religious mobs.

This is exactly what Minister Shanmugam is hinting at, but he is not specifying (possibly because it is very sensitive) :

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam  :  But if we do not deal with the underlying philosophy and the underlying causes, in the end, as long as you do not deal with that, as long as you do not deal with people’s views which lead them to be radicalised in the first place, all you will be doing is cutting out their heads and new heads will come up,” he said.

Fighting them through force, arresting them, sending them to jail etc will not work. It has to be an intellectual battle. There is no other way.

Ok folks, here is K Shanmugam Minister of Home Affairs,  Singapore :

History repeating itself in South-east Asia, and US must act now: Shanmugam


April 28, 2017

SINGAPORE - dealing with (IS) in South-east Asia is something US has to do now
said Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam

Speaking at a seminar in Washington DC
security challenge stemmed from fighters who went to Afghanistan
returned home with techniques, ideologies to fight against govt


now exactly same scenario repeatS in South-east Asia with IS 
about 1,000 fighters from the region in Syria and Iraq

Today in Syria and Iraq  history repeating itself
People go there, learn, train latest techniques, go back to South-east Asia
  • an area of the world where things are happening 
  • people are not paying enough attention
  • By the time it demands attention, it will be too late
  • best to deal with the problem before it gets to that stage

(My comments : This is where we in Malaysia are also sleeping and snoring.)
  • IS openly targeted South-east Asia 
  • particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, southern Philippines 
  • prime locations to establish caliphates

  • availability of online material
  • money from Middle East to fund kindergartens, schools
  • preachers from school of thought contrary to moderates
  • have led to rising “political Islam”.

(My comments :  'school of thought contrary to moderates' means 'Salafi / Wahhabism'.  Nothing else.  Salafism / Wahhabism are now more dangerous threats to this region than communism.)

makes the ground more fertile for radicalisation, said Shanmugam
sizeable population in Indonesia, Malaysia already favours Syariah 
socio-economic, political environment shifts people become more extremist
or creates climate where people prepared to "take further action”

Indonesia :  no laws to detain individuals who are serious security threats
Worse is radicalisation takes place inside Indon prisons
some attacks planned by prison inmates


foreign preachers who are wanted or banned can travel freely  in SEA
He cited Zakir Naik, who urged Muslims not to vote for non-Muslims 
and Mufti Menk, who said Muslims should not wish Christians Merry X'mas

(My comments :  Both Zakir Naik and Mufti Menke are Salafists / Wahhabis. Both are banned from entering Singapore.   This is also why Singapore will continue to be peaceful and prosper. Zakir Naik has TWO arrest warrants against him in India. But both Zakir Naik and Mufti Menke are welcomed by the gomen in Malaysia - for political purposes.  Malaysia will pay the price.) 


All these boiling beneath the surface have significant consequences down the road
  • a lot of countries focus on downstream actions
  • taking out terrorist leaders
  • dismantle terror  organisations
  • deal with their finances


But if we do not deal with the underlying philosophy and the underlying causes, in the end, as long as you do not deal with that, as long as you do not deal with people’s views which lead them to be radicalised in the first place, all you will be doing is cutting out their heads and new heads will come up,” he said.

need concerted intn'l strategy to deal with underlying causes and reasons 
why people get into these; how populations are becoming more radicalised

Islamophobia backlash
Shanmugam cautioned that Islamophobia is to be avoided
“ Islamophobia will make your populations anti-Muslim, anti-Islam
that just feeds the terrorists. It’s a big risk. We need to guard against Islamophobia
vast majority of Muslim populations in most places are moderate and peaceful

My comments : There is a simple and painless solution that the international community (especially the UN) can sponsor and move forward that can help ALL the Islamic countries. 

A few years ago, Pakistan sponsored / underwrote a sort of  UN Resolution that never took off. Meaning the Pakistanis were being hypocrites.

This was a "sort of"  resolution to ask all UN members (especially the Muslim countries) to abolish ALL Blasphemy Laws.  

This would most certainly include the 3,5,6 Laws in Malaysia as well as the proposed RUU355.

"Sort of resolution" because it did not become a resolution. It became something like a position-paper or something. No legal effect anywhere. 

Pakistan only pretended to sponsor such a resolution but they were not serious.

Because Pakistan itself is a country that not only has these Blasphemy Laws but actively uses their Blasphemy Laws to prosecute and persecute its people, especially the Ahmadias, the Christians, Hindus plus other Muslims too.  Pakistan is not ready to abolish their Blasphemy Laws.  

Neither are Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all the other Islamic countries.    I dont think our local politicians are also ready to abolish the 3,5,6 Laws.

Once the modern day Muslims are freed from these Blasphemy Laws  and they are allowed to discuss religion openly, freely, intelligently and intellectually - without any fear of prosecution or persecution - then on that day the jihadis and the religious extremists are finished.  

Only then will the Muslims be able to progress, prosper and live peacefully among the other people of the world.  

The numerous types of  Blasphemy Laws in ALL Islamic countries around the world  plays into the hands of the jihadis. These laws only work in favour of the jihadis and the extremists.  

The unsuspecting or  plainly  ignorant governments are just creating the repressive religious ecosystems  that  incubates and  nurtures jihadism and extremism.  Then when their societies collapse into ignorance and violence they will just stand and stare like fools.

They are no more Masters of their own Fate.
They become Masters of their own Doom.