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Friday, September 30, 2016

Do you remember Bosnia Herzegovina ? There are 100,000 Wahhabis there now.

Hi folks. Wherever there are Muslims, especially Wahhabis, trouble is brewing. 

Did you know that the largest number of ISIS recruits from Europe come from Bosnia? 


We all recall Bosnia - because we helped Bosnia Herzegovina during their civil war in the 1990s. Our Research boys will know them very well. 


Well, much has happened in the entire Balkan region since the 1990s. The Balkans are seething again. This time the Wahhabis are all over the place.  I will be saying more about this.


There is plenty of crap going on in the Balkans right now. Here is a map of the Balkans.

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria.

The population here is about 55 million approximate only (not including Turkey, Romania, Moldova and Greece etc).  
Here is the percentage of Muslims in this area (approximate).

Albania (58%)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (51%)
Kosovo (95%)
Turkey (99%)
Bulgaria:  (7%) 
Macedonia:  (33%)

Here is the bad news. Since we got involved in the 1990s, Wahhabism has fully infested this region.

Saudi Arabian and Qatari "Wahhabi" seed money and Pakistani and Arab Wahhabi preachers have been preaching havoc since then.

So there are people like this hanging around the neighborhood :

Google 'Wahhabism in the Balkans' and you get this :

This is page 1.  it goes on.
I will have more to say about this.  The Americans are also involved. They want this whole Balkans area to join NATO, to keep the Russians "contained".  

So guess what? The Americans are exploiting their good old Wahhabi friends Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

I just want our Research boys and our really 'sitting on your backside' security apparatus to keep their heads screwed on properly.  

Be careful who you help, where you stick your noses into and what type of monsters you can create.  

Closer to home, keep this in mind when dealing with "Muslims" in South Thailand and Mindanao.



Duterte Wipes Out Significant Portion of Abu Sayyaf Irritants

My comments at the bottom. This is from The Star :

  • last remaining member of Muktadil brothers killed
  • Badong Muktadil, last of six brothers 
  • rained terror between 2013 and 2015, found dead in boat near Siasi island 
  • fleeing Philippines military operations on Tues  
  • Nelson and Braun killed near Poh Tambulian, Daung­dung, on Pata island
  • All six brothers neutralised. 
  • Badong escaped but sustained injuries during ops 
  • got into boat, headed towards Mususiasi in Siasi island, Jolo. 
  • succumbed to injuries
  • Early Tues Philippine crack troops captured Nelson and Braun 
  • killed when they tried to escape

This is the same news from the Philippines:

Last of Muktadil brothers killed
Major blow to Abu Sayyaf

Muktadil brothers killed in military strike 
served as sea guides, navigators in kidnaps
early morning ops on Tues, Sept 27, in Sulu.
Western Mindanao Command of Armed Forces Philippines

identified Nelson “Nixon” Muktadil and Braun “Brown” Muktadil
Joint Task Force Sulu raid 5 a.m. Tambulian Island off Sulu’s Pata town 
received info about presence of Muktadil brothers.
ops carried out with "concerned citizens" of Panglima Estino, Sulu 

vicinity of Tambulian Island, Daungdung, Pata, Sulu. 
brothers involved in kidnappings of 26 M'sians, Indonskilling big blow to Abu Sayyaf's Alhabsy Misaya 
bodies handed over to Provincial Police, Camp Asturias in Jolo
My comments :  
This shooting is part of an ongoing military campaign in the Sulu areas.
President Rodrigo Duterte is delivering as promised. He promised the Abu Sayyaf a 'day of reckoning'.  Duterte has gone straight for the jugular. He has wiped out the Muktadil brothers who were at the top of Mindanao's "beheading incorporated".
I think Duterte will now offer an amnesty to all Abu Sayyaf who lay down weapons. 
Why couldnt we achieve the same results? Of course these guys were holed up in Mindanao but where is our intelligence on this? We spent so much money. 
I am sure some people on this side of the sea will be very disappointed that the Muktadil brothers have been killed.  A big source of free money has just been blown out of the Sulu Sea. 

The military operations in the Sulu are still ongoing.  Sabah Police must be on the lookout for refugees and bad guys running away to the East Coast of Sabah. 

In fact I am surprised that Sabah Police or ESSCOM have not yet intercepted even one pump boat running away from the military ops in the Sulu.    

Not only are there many things not right in Mindanao there are also many things not right in Sabah.