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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Setiakawan Sesama Islam : Egypt Tightens Gaza Blockade, Blows Up Palestinian Houses, Creates 10km Long 500m Wide Buffer Zone

          Egyptian security forces blow up houses in Rafah, near Gaza border Oct 29, 2014. (REUTERS) 
  • last week’s terror attack killed 31 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai
  • Egyptian army clearing 500m wide buffer zone for 10km
  • Egyptian army to establish buffer zone along Gaza 
  • Egyptian media & military accuse terrorists link to Gaza
  • Egyptians suggest terrorists come to Sinai through Gaza tunnels 
  • 10km buffer zone is 500 meters wide
  • buffer part of massive crackdown ordered by al-Sisi
  • Egyptian authorities to evict 1,100 families 
  • clears houses, trees & destroys tunnels
  • dozens of families leaving Tues after warned by army
  • evicted are Palestinian and Beduin families
  • If resident resists their property will be forcibly seized
  • Egypt army demolished houses close to Gaza border
  • 680 houses will be demolished for security zone
  • Sisi closely following Sinai operations and buffer zone
  • Hamas : buffer zone would tighten blockade on Gaza
Last week some pro Hamas, pro Ikhwan Muslimin satans attacked and killed 31 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai. They all belong to the same gang - Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas, Salafis, Wahhabis whatever.

The Egyptians have sussed out their links across the fence to Gaza. As a result the Egyptians have decided to create a 500 metre wide buffer zone along their 10km border with Gaza. This 500 metre buffer zone will  be ploughed under to become a 500 metre wide strip of desert  sand.

680 houses will be demolished by the Egyptian army, shops, garages etc will all be destroyed. 1,100 families will be affected. Trees will be cut and uprooted. It will be clear fell.  The 500 metre wide strip will be laid bare and will become a security zone with machine gun towers, search lights and fences.

The Egypt - Gaza border may look like this :

What is the moral of the story ? The moral of the story is, 'Biaq pi kat depa'. Jangan kita masuk campur. This is none of our business.

Dulu kita ingat Yahudi saja letupkan rumah orang Gaza.  Sekarang orang Mesir pun letupkan rumah depa.

Lets mind our own business ok. Jangan sesiapa nak jadi bodoh nak pi berjihad mampus pula di sana. Bukan saja tak dapat pahala silap-silap nanti di bakar dalam api pula. Kerja bodoh.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We're Witnessing The End Of The Oil Era

Business Insider By Myles Udland
Dennis Gartman has a new forecast for oil: a lot lower.

the era of oil is over. 

In discussing the "end of oil," Gartman referenced news from Lockheed Martin earlier this month that the aerospace giant has made a technological breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion. 

Gartman sees the potential in this breakthrough as being something of a death knell for oil.

Gartman also referenced other factors weighing on oil prices, namely a supply glut and a market that is contango.  A market is said to be in contango when the futures contract for a commodity is more than what the expected price will be in the future.

Gartman's comments come after what was an ugly morning for oil, which fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since June 2012.

The tumble in oil came after analysts at Goldman Sachs cut their price target on WTI crude oil to $70 by the second quarter of next year.

Goldman Sachs analyst Jeff Currie wrote:

"We are lowering our oil price forecast to reflect the required slowdown in US production growth: our WTI crude oil forecast is $75/bbl for 1Q15 and 2H15 (from $90/bbl previously).  

Our 2016 and long-term forecasts are now $80/bbl WTI, $90/bbl Brent. 

Uncertainty around the required price to slow down US shale production growth is a key risk to our price forecast."

Pendek kata  oil is going to go lower throughout 2014 and into 2015.  Goldman Sachs even forecasts US80 per barrel up to 2016.

So when is the price of petrol going to go down in our country, which produces 650,000 barrels a day? Or at least RON 97 which is not subsidised. Since RON 97 is not subsidied why doesnt the price of RON 97 decrease? The oil price in the rest of the world has decreased.

2016 is the UMNO elections. 2018 is the General Elections. If oil prices remain weak throughout 2014 to 2016 (which I think they will) Petronas' revenue will be severely affected. The gomen's revenue will be affected. 

Macam mana nak bayar gaji kakitangan kerajaan?

Macam mana nak pergi shopping di London untuk beli handbag?

How to keep burning billions for projects that DO NOT MATERIALISE like AES (money spent project batal), fuel subsidy management (money going to be spent project batal), 1MDB (black hole), sturgeon farming (money spent tapi project batal), or going into cost overruns (RM4 bil for KLIA2), money spent tapi rumah tak jadi (PR1MA housing). 

It is just endless.  All this is going to come to a head around 2016-2018. After that the BN will lose the elections.  Rotunda will have to cook her own rice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apanama : "... Najib has no option but to step down as Prime Minister and face the law. Talk has it that it is nothing but white collar crime."

The talk going around is that Najib Tun Razak will leave office in 2015. Some say early 2015. I write what I hear.  I  just cannot tell you who I hear it from.  

Why is this talk going around? Do read on.

Last nite at dinner at a 5 star hotel, I heard an outrageous suggestion. Again I simply cannot say who I heard it from. I have heard these outrageous suggestions twice before. Each time when people start saying these outrageous things I cut them off. I also tell them why they should not say wild things.  I will not dare repeat such suggestions in my Blog. 

The Prime Minister has left the country again. Again he has run away to some arab country to attend the WIEF (World Islamic Economic Forum) - a forum that does not achieve much.   Doesnt the PM have anything better to do?

The suggestion is that the PM is afraid of the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy  appeal that is ongoing beginning today 28/10/2014 till 30/10.  Dia rasa takut. So cabut to some arab sand box and waste time talking rubbish.  He will not be back until after the appeal is over and done with.

Anyway Blogger Apanama has come out swinging about 1MDB and is putting the PM in a squeeze.  I believe the PM has read  Apanama's blogpost.  Here is the PM's reaction :

Just kidding.  The PM does not read much. He spends time reminiscing about smaller portions.  

He does not know much either. He can read words though. If you give him a piece of paper with words written on it he will read it out.

The PM has no Achilles Heel. An Achilles Heel is for heroes. The PM is not a hero. Neither will the PM face a Waterloo. A Waterloo is for men of character and steel.  The PM is neither.

Reading Apanama and Tun Dr Mahathir's Blogpost (which Apanama quotes extensively) the torpedo that will sink PM Najib Razak shall be 1MDB

Do read Apanama now. I have highlighted some of his points in red bold.

Hidden agenda against or in 1MDB ?

1Malaysia Development Berhad has been a hot topic for far too long and it seems to me now that all hell is waiting to break loose IF those in-charge or in-control of the secrecy shrouded ‘development fund’ dont’t break their silence.
Its time to break their silence because talk is rife that 1MDB will bring Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak DOWN.
Talk has it that if the wheelings and dealings of 1MDB is laid bare, Najib has no option but to step down as Prime Minister and face the law. Talk has it that it is nothing but white collar crime.
If what The Edge has been going to town with is NOT TRUE and 1MDB is indeed run with the best interest of the nation at heart, please do the necessary and come clean.
Below is part of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest blog post on 1MDB.
1. Kebebasan adalah suatu petanda kedewasaan sesebuah negara. Kita dewasa. Dan kita beri banyak kebebasan termasuk kebebasan bersuratkhabar. Malangnya kadang-kadang kebebasan disalahguna. Ada akhbar di Malaysia yang sering menyalahgunakan kebebasan mereka.
2. Kita tidak lagi boleh masukkan sesiapa dalam tahanan ISA. Oleh itu apabila sesuatu disalahguna, maka penjelasan perlu dibuat. Jika tidak kebebasan akan membawa mudarat terutama apabila yang ditegur ialah Kerajaan.
3. Saya jarang membaca akhbar The Edge. Tetapi baru-baru ini saya terbaca rencana yang bertajuk “Tabiat 1MDB membayar lebih untuk memperolehi (hutang) duit.”
4. 1MDB ialah satu dana yang ditubuh oleh Kerajaan sebagai dana kekayaan negara (sovereign wealth fund) untuk dilabur supaya negara akan dapat hasil dari kekayaannya bagi masa depan.
5. Biasanya dana seperti ini ditubuh oleh negara pengeluar minyak yang banyak yang tidak dapat habiskan pendapatan setelah mentadbir dan membangun negara.
6. Malaysia bukanlah negara pengeluar minyak yang besar. Hampir semua 650 ribu tong yang dikeluar tiap hari diguna dalam negeri. Dan Malaysia pula mengalami defisit dalam belanjawannya. Tidak ada lebihan wang untuk dana kekayaan negara.
7. Oleh itu Kerajaan terpaksa hutang untuk dana kekayaan ini.
8. The Edge dalam rencananya menyebut bahawa kos pinjaman berbilion Ringgit luar biasa tingginya.
9. Pada 1 September 2009 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) menggegarkan industri perbankan apabila bersetuju membayar faedah 5.75% keatas hutang RM 5 billion. Hutang ini dijamin oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Biasanya bon Kerajaan membayar hanya 4.0%. Petronas membayar 3.6% sahaja. - MORE in Chedet
The comatose look
Dear Datuk Seri Najib, I sincerely hope you will personally handle this 1MDB matter soonest possible because the issue seems to be spiralling out of control with no real and credible explanation about all the claims and allegations.
The Edge is not a ‘mosquito daily’ and Dr Mahathir is certainly not DAP or PKR’s strategic director. There is a real concern about 1MDB. (And Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box is NOT DAP's or PKR's strategic director either - you bodoh morons.)
Many around you admit that 1MDB appears like a time-bomb but none is willing to do anything. Either they are waiting for you to fall or they are genuinely not bothered.
Datuk Seri, you have to address this issue on an urgent matter because it appears that none of your ministers or party leaders would want to touch it even with a 10-foot pole.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to defend you i.e. 1MDB because, from all that we know of it, 1MDB appears indefensible…. and all that we know comes from The Edge and yet-to-be-verified foreign wire reports.
The fact that 1MDB carries out community projects and sponsors people to perform their Haj as part of their CSR is not the issue. Datuk Seri, please advise your apple-polishers that 1MDB’s CSR is not what The Edge and many high flying businessmen are telling the world about. Wake up!
The real concern is about 1MDB’s level of debt, the suspected leakage through agents/commissions/etc, and the impact on our country as a whole. Don’t try to sugar-coat anything.
Please do something Datuk Seri, no one seems to know what 1MDB is all about except for the fact that it could very well spell your drastic downfall. People say that 1MDB is being used to siphon off Government funds/assets. Please stand up and tell us this is not true Datuk Seri.
We trusted you to be better than Pak Lah Datuk Seri. Jangan sapu arang ke muka kami Datuk Seri. Kami malu!
Thank you Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.
p/s I pray you will come up with a good explanation to set the record straight Datuk Seri.
End of Apanama's post.
My comments :

1.  Today I heard that people in Khazanah Nasional are resigning and leaving. Running for fear that they are not wearing underwear and their kain is about to be pulled down.  

When the ship sinks the rats are the first to jump ship. Those rats around the PM pleeeeeeeease take careful note. You better jump ship and save yourselves while you can.

The PM's advisors, sycophants and hangers on also do take note. Nanti bila Najib kena buang, you will not even get a Directorship of Syarikat Bas Jeram Perahu.  People will identify you with Najib. Dont say I did not warn you. Better distance yourselves now. 

That Fei Low fellow take note as well. If they put you on a BBQ you will lose plenty weight quickly buddy. And you cannot run anywhere either.  Havent you heard of Interpol?

2.  Apanama's suggestion is more pedas -   "Talk has it that if the wheelings and dealings of 1MDB is laid bare, Najib has no option but to step down as Prime Minister and face the law. Talk has it that it is nothing but white collar crime"

'nothing but white collar crime'  - Alamak !  Imagine a Prime Minister getting booted out for white collar crime.  So pedestrian.

I dont think Najib will be tried for any white collar crime. The Courts will acquit Najib for being child like and a nincompoop.  Thats the PM.

p.s. I have met Najib a few times and participated in extended conversation with him. As a person he is extremely cultured and polite. A gentleman.  There is no doubt about that. A likeable fellow. But this is not the Country Club or the teh tarik club. He occupies the Office of the Prime Minister which determines  the fate of 30 million people.  Dont play play.

Sebelum Time Jepun, Kelantan Ikut Mazhab Apa?

Ini pasal anjing lagi.  Saya baca berita berikut dalam The      Star :
  • Ustaz comes to defence of dog event organiser
  • ustaz in defence of  “I Want to Touch A Dog” programme
  • claiming a school of thought other than Shafie allows it.
  • Dr Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman heads Muttaqa Asatizah dan Pendakwah Malaysia (Murshid), said Mazhab Maliki allows dogs to be hugged and kissed.
  • “..we need to be tolerant,” he told Sinar Harian 
  • “It is sin, perhaps, according to Shafie sect, but in the Maliki sect it is not.
  • “If cleansing is needed, just do it and that’s all there is to it,” he said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • controversy arose - lack of control when it came to photographing participants 
  • media chose to focus only on the kissing and hugging of the dogs 
  • third issue people were quick to make judgments without even probing the matter.
 Here is a picture that is self explanatory :

Jadi soalannya kalau Mazhab Maliki boleh peluk, cium dan pegang anjing, habis Mufti Kelantan dulu-dulu ikut mazhab apa? Sebab ikut gambaq ni, yang dok pegang anjing tu Mufti Kelantan tahun 1937. Time tu depa ikut mazhab apa pula di Kelantan?