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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nazri In Team B Theory Seems More Plausible

Ha ha ha. Here is an interesting picture. Tun Dr Mahathir was in Padang Rengas I suppose. Guess who gatecrashed Dr Mahathir's function? Its Nazri Aziz. 

He even sat himself down (uninvited) at lunch with Tun Dr Mahathir. You can see the embarrasing look on Nazri's face and the totally uncomfortable look on Tun Dr Mahathir's face. (Macam terbau taik kucing lekat di kasut). 

Here is something someone sent me. Apparently Dr Mahathir made this comment here. Its so funny.

Knowing Dr Mahathir's highly accute sarcasm, he hardly says anything without pondering it carefully.  

So when Dr Mahathir says "Ingatkan dia nak bagi tau saya dia nak keluar UMNO ka apa"  it tallies exactly with the rumours flying around about Nazri. 

That Nazri is in Team B (with Zahid) which is plotting to overthrow Najib in a putsch from inside UMNO. An internal coup de etat within UMNO. 

The theory goes that Nazri's debate with Tun Dr Mahathir is actually to give Dr Mahathir  high balls about 1MDB, Najib etc  for Dr Mahathir  to then  smash down. And embarrass Najib, UMNO, BN and also PAS.

That is why the Team A guys are working overtime to make sure that no debate, discussion,  casual talk etc takes place between Nazri and Dr  Mahathir. Even Nazri's gatecrashing is too much of a risk. What if Dr Mahathir had engaged him in conversation?

As the stomach churns.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Team A And Team B Plotting 'Coup de Etat' Inside UMNO ! !

I received this from someone.

1) Umno is caught up, both in an internal power struggle between team A (led by PM) and B (led by Zahid) plus another “external crisis” to win over the other BN parties especially those from Sarawak and Sabah to support the pro Hudud bill (RUU 355). It does NOT  look likely to be passed through this Parliamentary session (until 6 April).

2) Pas is also facing an internal power struggle (Hadi's position is getting weaker by the day) with many members feeling betrayed by Hadi's close relationship with PM and talks of Pas working together with Umno. Hadi's people (such as Nik Abduh) seem to be losing out in the current divisional elections. Grassroots sentiments in PAS and UMNO seem to be building up against and unfavourably to both presidents.

3) Rumours of Team B taking a stronger position might suggest why Nazri (seems to be an ally for now of team B by his recent attacks against Annuar Musa and Rahman Dahlan of Team A) is keen to having this public debate with Dr M on high profile issues such as 1MDB, which is likely to put more public pressure on PM. This is why that team A seems to be against this public debate.

4) One possible outcome on RUU 355 is for PM to quietly abandon it and let Team B "carry the baby" and take the blame for the failure. Zahid of Team B had been tasked by Najib to promote it, even suggesting that the government would take over the bill.

5) Heard that “big mama” is now in charge of a strategic unit to “take out or neutralize” team B and I_P, who is thought to be with team B now.

6) It would only be a matter of time before the power struggle in Umno leads to an open warfare and it is doubtful that the next GE would be held this year.

7) The decision by China to impose controls on the outflow of funds for the China purchasers of Country Garden project in Johor, is complicating matters and would adversely affect the power struggle in Johor between PM and MB there, who may be backed by the S there.

8) If RUU 355 is debated and does not get passed, then PM and Hadi are in big trouble. If it is quietly dropped or not brought up for first reading for this Parliamentary session, which is most likely the case, then PM can save face and blame Zahid and others for it but Hadi may be in trouble and may not survive a leadership challenge in Pas.

9) Sultan of Perak’s recent statement about the independence of judges seems to suggest that the judiciary should not be subservient to the executive (PM) and must be prepared to stand up against political interference. Another sign that the rulers might not be happy with what’s happening now.

10) Interesting times ahead, look out for further signs of the power struggle. For example, let’s see if Team A is going to stop the public debate between Nazri and Dr M, now scheduled on 7 April at Dewan Karangkraf  (Sinar Harian hq) in Shah Alam.

My comments :  Kepada Ahli MT UMNO, Zahid, Hisham please be serious. You really cannot expect UMNO to survive the next GE14. Even if you win, the win will be super, razor thin. You will definitely lose more States. Kedah, Terengganu are sure goners. Perak might go too - only two seat majority in Perak. 

Sabah might fall to the Opposition. Worse, Johor and Negeri Sembilan may see serious gains by the Opposition. 

The cure for all these problems (for now) is just tell Najib and wife to leave.  Such a simple cure. Just one individual person has to exit. Take his garbage with him. Problem solved.

Do you seriously expect to face the GE14 with Najib heading the gomen?