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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Handling 'Retard Immigrants' : Europeans Are Becoming A Little Less Stupid

Europeans are now fretting about Muslim girls in swimming pools

July 1
  • Swimming pools part of several naturalization situations in Switzerland. 
  • Swiss denied citizenship to Muslim sisters, 12 and 14
  • refused take part in school swimming lessons alongside boys of age group
  • girls applied for citizenship but request was denied 
  • “Whoever doesn’t fulfill conditions cannot be naturalized”
  • reminder of country's tensions with Muslim minority 
  • particularity of laws regarding integration and citizenship. 
  • Bosnian fined $4,000, persuaded daughters to boycott swimming, camp
  • Under Swiss convention capacity to integrate, key part in naturalization
  • immigrant family rejected because they walked in "sweatpants" 
  • and didn't greet local passersby
  • uproar two Muslim boys refused shake hands of female schoolteacher
  • naturalization of their father, imam in Saudi-funded mosque suspended
  • broader European concern when Muslims go to swimming pools
  • Austrian town banned "burqinis" — swimwear that covers head to toe 
  • threat posed by influx of asylum seekers from Muslim countries
  • Similar bans elsewhere in Europe, including Germany. 
  • in Austria asylum seekers banned from pools over fear of sexual assault.
My comments :  I have a solution. Why not these retards just migrate to Saudi Arabia? 

Europe is for the "kafir" people. 
The "kafir" people are different. 
They dress differently for breakfast, they dress differently for school and work, they dress differently for sports, they dress differently for the swimming pool.
They like to say hello to each other on the streets.

In Saudi Arabia, they dress like ninjas for breakfast, school, work, sports, swimming pool, sleeping at nite etc.  So why not just migrate to Saudi Arabia? Why want to go to the kafir countries and upset their system?

Religion Vs OutSyed The Box & Others

This is a Ted talk video.

The video says that both these behaviours are based on emotions.   That one goes past me a little.

The soldier behaviour aka wal retard behaviour is based on unthinking emotions.

To question, to think, to ask "Why?" and to look for true answers is not an emotional thing.  This stage is dependent not on emotion but on knowledge and experience.

Once a person's knowledge and experiences increase (they have read, they have listened, they have discussed, they have seen, they have done, they have been there) outside of his own circle, cocoon, religion, sect, caste etc then he may or will acquire the Scout outlook on life.

Hence to prevail in religion it is extremely very simple : dont read, dont listen, dont discuss, do not see, dont do and do not go anywhere else).
The net result : religion fails drastically everywhere.

This means religion based thinking has to be stupid.  In Quranic  parlance it has to be "satanic".   Satan is not a being that anyone can see. So please do not describe satan as though "he" looks like "you".

"Satan" can only influence your thinking, your mind. Meaning "satan" resides inside your mind.  Its your thinking. Its the way you think.  The way you think can be changed / improved by the amount of "thinking based" knowledge that you acquire.  Reading, listening, discussing, observing, doing and travelling etc.

Religion is stupid. Remember this very well.


Article by Dr. Ong Kian Ming,
Member of Parliament for Serdang on the 27th of June, 2016:

(More than) A week has now passed since the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar twin by-elections on the 18th of June, 2016. Much commentary and analysis has been written regarding the results. Having read through most of them, I hope to set the by-election results in the larger context of by-elections which have taken place since the 1999 general elections. By doing so, I hope that we identify the factors which are important for Pakatan Harapan to take into account moving forward and some of the issues which are perhaps not as important in the larger scheme of things.

There have been a total of 42 by-elections since the 1999 general elections – 8 between 1999 and 2004, 6 between 2004 and 2008, 16 between 2008 and 2013 and 12 since the 2013 general elections. (See Table 1 below) The incumbent party won 34 out of 42 by-elections (81%). Of these 34 by-elections, 22 were in BN held seats and 12 were in opposition held seats. In other words, unless there are unique circumstances, the incumbent, which is BN in most cases, will usually win by-elections.

Of the remaining 8 by-elections where the incumbent party was defeated, the BN emerged victors in 5 seats (the Pendang parliament seat in 2002 after the death of former PAS president Fadzil Noor, the Pengkalan Pasir state seat in Kelantan in 2005, the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat in 2010, the Galas state seat in Kelantan in 2010 and most recently, the Teluk Intan parliament seat in 2014).

The opposition only managed to turn the tide to create an upset 3 times – in the Lunas state seat in Kedah in 2000, in the Kuala Terengganu parliament seat in 2009 and in the Sibu parliamentary seat in 2010.

In other words, it was very unlikely that the opposition would pull off an upset in either Sungai Besar or Kuala Kangsar when we examine the history of by-elections since 1999.

Of course, the presence of a three corner fight in both seats made it all but impossible for the opposition to capture either seat given that the pro-opposition votes were split between PAS and AMANAH.

The 3 corner fights in both seats which led to a big increase in BN’s majority masks the fact that BN’s vote share increased by only 3.5% in Sungai Besar and 3.6% in Kuala Kangsar. It is not unusual to see BN increase its vote share during by-elections where specific promises can be made to voters in the respective constituencies whether it is in the form of a new community center (in Jerlun, Kuala Kangsar) or to promise to allow fishermen in Sungai Besar to employ more foreign workers. In fact, in the 22 by-elections won by BN incumbents, BN’s vote share increased by an average of 5.5%. BN’s vote share increased in 18 of these by-elections (compared to the general election) and decreased in only 3 (with one seat being previously uncontested during the general election).

This does not mean that the opposition has no chance to win these seats in the next general election or to win other seats that are currently being held by the BN. One can look to the example of the Ijok by-election held on the 28th of April 2007. The MIC candidate won this seat with an increased vote share (from 55.8% to 58.6%, an increase of 2.8%) during this by-election. But less than a year later, in the 2008 general election, this result was turned on its head and the PKR candidate (former MB, Khalid Ibrahim) won this seat with 56.8% of the vote. The question and the challenge for Pakatan Harapan is this: How do we create the conditions for the Ijok experience to be repeated nationwide in the next general election?

I fully admit that the challenges faced by Pakatan Harapan in the lead up to GE14 are far more serious compared to when the opposition sprung an unexpected surprise on the BN in GE12. The objective in GE14 is to capture Putrajaya compared to when the best the opposition could hope for in GE12 was to deny the BN a two thirds control of parliament. The opposition is divided both externally (PH and PAS) and internally. But I do believe that if we address three main challenges, this would make capturing Putrajaya a distinct possibility rather than what many perceive to be an impossible task as things stand right now.

Firstly, Pakatan Harapan needs to be strengthened as an opposition coalition. This means that there cannot be any 3 corner fights featuring component parties of PH like what happened in the recent Sarawak state elections. Many of our supporters were very critical of the decision by both PKR and DAP to field candidates in 5 state seats in Sarawak. Most voters were not interested in the internal dynamics of what led to this decision or the fact that multi-corner fights were avoided in the other 77 state seats. What they wanted to see was a united PH going up against the BN. While pro PH voters were more accepting of the 3 corner fights in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar (since it involved PAS, who is not a member of the PH coalition), there were still critics who said that PH was not giving voters the impression that it was campaigning together. This impression has to be overturned and a new spirit or ‘semangat’ of PH needs to be created in the run-up to GE14 if we are to have any chance of defeating the BN.

Secondly, PH needs to create a compelling alternative narrative or narratives to voters who want change. Some commentators opined that the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar campaigns were too focused on national issues such as 1MDB and the GST and not enough attention were being paid to local issues. In the same vein, some commentators also said that PH should provide concrete alternative policies to the BN rather than just criticizing the BN on issues of corruption and abuse of power. Having been at the Sungai Besar campaign for about a week, I can safely say that local issues to do with paddy production and subsidies as well as fishermen issues were brought up by the AMANAH candidate as well as by the various PH leaders via ceramahs, press conferences and hand phone messages. Also having been part of the policy team in Pakatan Rakyat and now Pakatan Harapan, I can also safely say that most voters get bored when one talks about policy issues whether in ceramahs or even in press statements. What voters want is to have confidence that PH can govern effectively as a coalition. The policy positions have to be discussed and then announced together over a sustained period of time in order to create this confidence that PH is a cohesive coalition capable of overcoming their internal differences to govern together. And these policy positions will then form the compelling alternative narratives to the BN’s platform. I say narratives because there needs to be targeted messages and positions for the rural as well as the urban audience, for voters in Peninsular Malaysia as well as for voters in Sabah and Sarawak.

Which leads me to the third and final point – that PH needs to use Penang and Selangor as showcase how the coalition can govern together and govern well. The impression that the Penang state government is a DAP government and that the Selangor government is a PKR government needs to be dispelled. Policies which reflect the aspirations of the rakyat at the national level needs to be pushed through and showcased as concrete examples of a PH government at the federal level can govern better than the BN.

Overcoming these three challenges are necessary but not sufficient conditions for PH to reach its goal of capturing Putrajaya. We still have to deal with the elephant in the room which is how to deal with PAS. But that is a matter for a separate discussion and perhaps it is an issue which PH has little control over at the end of the day. But first, let’s focus on getting our own house in order. Only then do we have hope to create another Ijok in the run-up to GE14.

Dr. Ong Kian Ming
Member of Parliament for Serdang

This article can also be read here:


Friday, July 1, 2016

Husni Takes My Advice, Off To Jordan For Three Months To Study Quran

Well Husni is not going for the Umrah like Wahid. Instead he is off to Jordan for three months to study Arabic and the Quran.  

Well let me say up front that you are wasting your money. You can learn more arabic and the Quran right here in Malaysia.  Its better to go to Italy. More things to see and learn.

But Husni is actually running away. Too much heat now. Ramadhan means intensity, intense heat. Husni is feeling his 'ramadhan' now.

Anyway here is some news from M'kini :

  • Husni Hanadzlah plans to learn Arabic.
  • According to Sinar Harian Husni to leave for Jordan
  • "I planned to go for three months to learn Arabic and Quran
  • he did not comment on reasons for sudden resignations from his posts 
Well I spoke to the Quran class people and they kindly sent me a video of their Quran class.  Imagine Husni will be joining something like this shortly.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Husni Hanadzlah resigns FROM ALL POSTS : as cuci jamban Janitor, as sweeper under the carpet, as 2nd finance minister, as Umno treasurer, as BN treasurer-general, as Perak Umno liaison deputy chairman, as Perak BN deputy chairman and as Tambun Umno division chief

"Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has announced his resignation as second finance minister ..The Tambun MP today announced his resignation from all his posts, including Umno treasurer, BN treasurer-general, Perak Umno liaison committee deputy chairman, Perak BN deputy chairman and Tambun Umno division chief."

The Cabinet has been reshuffled. If the Cabinet was already dumb, now they are dumber.  More of the mentally challenged have been elevated. That is all.

So Husni Hanadzlah has resigned.  I think Husni was finding it more difficult to sleep at night.  

When Husni was a child he may have wanted to be a fireman but I doubt he ever dreamed of being a member of Ali Baba's 40 Thieves. 

Obviously Husni does not have the thick skin of a hippo.  
Or the absolute lack of conscience of the Pirate or that mamak.  

Husni knows the day of reckoning is coming soon.  Tick tock. Tick tock.

Folks,  obviously they are crumbling from the inside.

Remember that alien Martian movie I spoke about. In the beginning the aliens looked formidable and undefeatable. In the end they just died of oxygen poisoning. The free air that we breathe proved fatal to them.

In the same way folks, the free air that we breathe will prove fatal to the thieves. They are crumbling from inside. 

1. In this month of June alone, Wahid Omar has thrown in the towel. Wahid Warak perhaps realised too late that he has been used.  Especially by his mentor.

2. Then Abu Kassim the MACC chief has also thrown in the towel. I think he has had enough as well.

3. Now Husni Hanadzlah has resigned from ALL POSTS.  

There is a theory that  these resignations are happening after a hippo was seen boarding a private jet with up to 200 pieces of luggage (plus or minus). Not it was not 25 bags for sure.   

Rumours say the bags were full of dirty underwear - being taken for laundering overseas.  Crazy rumours folks. Who will take dirty underwear on a private jet for laundering overseas?

Conclusion :  I attended another power buka puasa recently. This one was really power. Heard plenty of stuff. Real stuff from "front-line" people. Meaning people who were / are personally involved.

Cannot divulge folks.  Sorry.  Then they will take "evasive" actions.    

The only ones remaining will be the really corrupt, the really crooked, the real low life, the toilet bowl scum and the really, really stupid.

Maybe Husni aint so stupid after all.