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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alamak !! The Economist Calls Najib "Thuggish" !!

You can read The Economist's article here :

Here is a quick gist :
Repression in Malaysia

  • thuggish government playing racial politics. 
  • Najib Razak should be dressed down
  • Najib paints his country as model of moderate Islam
  • multicultural democracy and a beacon of tolerance
  • spoken of scrapping oppressive laws and nurturing a creative economy
  • spin-doctors explain their liberal master to vanquish reactionary forces in UMNO
  • prone to cronyism and political thuggery
  • time to call Mr Najib out on widening gulf between spin and substance
  • growing scandal over dubious connections and misused funds at 1MDB
  • Malaysia’s human-rights record is of even greater concern
  • in 2013  lost the popular vote for the first time
  • activists and opposition figures arrested under Sedition Act
  • once promised to remove it now plans to strengthen (Sedition Act)
  • harsher punishments and forbidding speech that denigrates Islam 
  • Among those already arrested under Sedition Act are opponents of hudud..
  • encouraging Islamists, government is fanning racial and religious divisions
  • Malaysia’s friends should be blunter about this 
  • They should condemn Malaysia’s corruption, decaying freedoms
  • Until matters improve, not only should golf be off the agenda
  • so too should prime minister’s hoped-for trip to Washington this year.
My comments : Firstly let me make myself clear that I really dont give a hoot about what the foreign media says about us.  We dont have to measure ourselves by what other people say.

But it is the spineless kangkung guy who has been b*tt kissing the foreign folks, including the foreign media.  Most recently he said that he had full support from outside the country. He said his gomen still received glowing reports from people outside the country.  (Peduli apa kita?)  Effectively admitting that inside the country his supporters are limited to members of the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Club.

But since it was he who said that, he has some explaining to do now. 

How come The Economist is now calling him all sorts of names ? Thuggish means 'samseng'.

'fanning racial and religious divisions' ??

The Economist is even asking the US to cancel Najib's visit to Washington.   The Economist is perhaps the most influential magazine in the UK and is also widely read around the world.

What happened to all the support from overseas which the PM was klentonging about?  I think Najib  has to remove The Economist from his "I am not alone" list.  

To all the kangkung b*tt kissers listen up ok -  the end is nigh. The music will soon stop. Do not be caught still kissing the wrong b*tt.  The Economist has caught a wiff of the real stuff that is floating on the water.  It will gain momentum. 

Just like Slumberjack before - this one cannot be fixed either.  It has to be taken to the pound.

Anyway I received this picture this morning. Some people are dancing at a party. I cannot recognise them at all. Can you guys recognise any vegetables in the crowd?  They say this was a dancing party somewhere between the Himalayas and the Caspian Sea.

Disclaimer : Any individuals in this picture who bear any likeness, real or imaginary, to any of the displays at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum are purely coincidental and not intentional. For Muslims please note that excessive laughing is not encouraged.

No Title

My comments : I'd rather have fingers than toes, or ears than nose....

Friday, April 24, 2015

Perak Today "Leaves" PM Alone ?? Nazir Razak Also Leaves PM Alone ??

Well here is a video from Perak Today featuring Tun Dr Mahathir strongly criticising Najib Tun Razak. This video is going around. It says Perak Today in the video plus Perak Today has not denied it.

I know the patron of Perak Today is the  Perak Man (Thank you bro). Perak Today is also managed by another Perak Blogger (Well done bro. From Bukit Gantang until now perjuangan kita sama. Jangan lupa apa Dr Mahathir sebut berkali-kali dan banyak kali  'perjuangan kita belum selesai'.)

I am happy to see that Perak Today featured this video.


The Malay Mail has reported that Nazir Razak (of 'You are not alone' fame) has also made a statement that all the questions raised by Tun Dr Mahathir should be fully answered. You can read it here :

People who are not alone can still be lonely. For example people suffering delusional behaviour need not be alone. They may have other delusional people with them. But they are always lonely.