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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ruthless Saudis : Crown Prince MBS Locked Up Own Mother

MBS visit U.S. next week.
MBS welcomed as  reformer who improve women’s rights 

one very important woman still suffers in silence
locked up his own mother
MBS placed mother under “house arrest” 

14 U.S. officials unveiled MBS prevented mom  from seeing father for > 2 yrs 
so that his plan to empower himself not jeopardised
MBS concerned mom opposed his power grab, divide royal family 
might use her influence with king to prevent itU.S. officials spilled beans based on several years intelligence

crown prince’s ruthlessness 

fake corruption crackdown
crown prince willing to do anything for power

King Salman told she’s out of country for treatment
king not know his son behind her absence

king told people he misses his wife 
does not know her true location or status

in 2015, King told Obama wife in NY for treatment
he hoped to visit her 
Obama did not inform king wife not in NY at all

2016 U.S. intel heard MBS talk about efforts to keep his mum from father 
brutality of crown prince towards his own mother made known to Obama

Trump also briefed by U.S. intelligence
Trump will meet crown prince on March 20

after Trump visit Saudi in 2017, MBS imprisoned cousin, Prince Mohd bin Nayef
jailed several cousins in Ritz-Carlton hotel 
those arrested presented with cash-for-freedom offer

MBS isn’t shy about acquiring nuclear weapons 
If Iran gets nuclear weapons, prince wants it too.

My comments :  The psycho Sauds want nuclear weapons??  May their camels guide them on the quickest path to water (aka shariah).

These people are ruthless.
He can lock up his own mother.
Maybe his mother would have locked him up.
Wait and see what they will do to the Palestinians. 

And you call these people your friends?
Your role models? 

This story is also reported in the Indonesian Kompas  :

Kerja Bodoh Arab Saudi - Saudi Peace Feelers To Houthis

Saudi and Houthi secret talks to end 3 year-old war 

Houthi direct communication with Saudis in Oman 
on comprehensive solution to conflict

consultations between Houthis and Saudis
without rep of Hadi govt
desire of Saudis for comprehensive agreement

Houthi officials did not comment

Houthis seized capital, Sanaa
drove govt of Hadi into Saudi exile

accord would begin with truce to pause fighting 
culminate in signing of peace deal 

Thousands of Saudi air strikes killed Yemeni civilians
Houthi rocket attacks on Saudi 
Saudi made modest territorial gains 
far from seizing capital from seasoned Houthis

no victory in sight Saudi express desire to wrap up conflict

Saudi-Houthi dialogue going on for two months 

arrival of new U.N. envoy to Yemen, former British diplomat Martin Griffiths

not clear how much progress achieved

talks bypassed Yemen’s Riyadh-based govt
whose restoration justifed Saudi intervention
deep Yemeni squabbles hobbled Saudis 

My comments :  Too often when there are conflict zones and the UN appoints an envoy, that envoy is British.  This time the British are the satans behind the Saudis. And the Brits become the UN envoy to Yemen during the conflict.

During the Balkans War (Bosnia) the chief of the UN troops also included a British guy. The British always have their finger at the right spot in every hot spot.

The British MI6 was strongly involved in the recent demonsrations in Iran - not that I am complaining for the psycho ayatollahs. Just that there is more than one satan stalking the woods.

Anyway here is another video.  The US Congress is going to vote on US military assistance to Yemen soon (next week?)  If they vote against continued US involvement, then the US must stop military aid.  Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen will come to an immediate end.

That is why the Saudis are worried sick. They are crapping their robes right now. And the Houthis know this as well.

The Houthis are gaining the upper hand.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Here Is Some Advise To All Ahli Politik : Do Not Make Wild Horse Predictions

Here is some really silly news. This is coming from a head of State, a Prime Minister. Thus type of news is meant for the unthinking, those who are even less clever than him :

IPOH (March 15): ringgit to surge to 3.80 against US dollar in near term, Najib said

his optimism emanated from positive indicators like strong economic performance

country's export value of more than RM80b in first quarter of this year.

currency y'day dropped slightly to 3.90 from 3.89 (against the US dollar). 

InsyaAllah, in near term it may rise to 3.80.

ours is among best performing currencies 
several months ago ringgit weakened to 4.49. 
But it will surge to 3.80 soon," he said 

My comments :  The Ringgit is not the best performing. The Ringgit is painfully trying to crawl back to regain the huge losses it has suffered under your mismanagement. Look at this chart :

The Ringgit has weakened again to RM3.92 to the US Dollar today. Look at the chart to the right.  The Ringgit was at RM3.00 to the US Dollar in early 2015.

Then the GST kicked in. Prices shot up,  business volumes started decreasing, the domestic businesses have been slow since then.  Oil prices also dropped and our Dollar earnings also dropped.  Less demand for our Ringgit and it went down.  

What we are seeing now is a weak Ringgit fueling a higher export volume. When our Ringgit jatuh, our export barang becomes cheaper for foreigners. So they will buy more from us. This is what the PM could not understand when that foreign reporter asked him if the weak Ringgit will boost the export sector. 

More exports of course will also strengthen the Ringgit which is what we are seeing now.  But the domestic economy is weak. The higher exports may not mean much to overall growth if the domestic economy remains weak.  What is really happening is we have to work harder to earn less.

Someone should tell the duck never to predict  currency rates, never try to predict the Stock Market, tomorrow's gold price or even the price of oil. 

If you are working in Bank Negara's forex department then you may be able to 'position' the Ringgit for tomorrow. But those days are over. It cost plenty didnt it?

So stay away from all these wild horse predictions.