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Friday, November 27, 2015

MUST READ : A Reader's Contribution.

Here is a comment by a reader.  Different topics.  I have numbered them. This is a must read. 

1. As you said another SD.  This time Kevin's brother. Another serious allegation.  All allegations involve No 1. What say UMNO  members and MKT?  

Blame the bloggers for spinning?

2. Our new AG denied there were draft charges. The retired AG won't talk.  

Don't expect the new AG to give sensible answers.  He disagreed with Bank Negara and refused to charge anyone over the 1MDB issue.  

He said Kevin was not involved  in 1MDB.  Who said Kevin was involved in 1MDB?  The charges (in that "non existent" draft charge sheet?) are in respect of SRC. Not 1MDB.   So who said Kevin Morais is involved with 1MDB?

If the AG can't get these simple facts right, how are we to trust him to do his job right? 

Whatever, in the 1MDB case he has decided.  He called for a Press Conference but simply read a prepared statement and then left in a hurry without taking any questions from the Press who obviously came prepared to ask questions.

3.  The latest is the charges against the NFC Chairman have been withdrawn  while the case was still going on. 

The defense  lawyer wrote to the AGC and the AGC agreed to withdraw the charges.

(This is from M'kini 

Earlier, deputy public prosecutor Syed Faisal Syed Amir informed the court that the prosecution was withdrawing the charges against Mohamad Salleh under Section 254 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

He said the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) made the decision after studying the letter of representation submitted by the lawyer on Nov 4.

Read more:

For the sake of justice, transparency and accountability can the AGC publish this  letter which the defense lawyer wrote?   So that the Rakyat can scrutinise if the AGC made the right decision? 

Because this case is of great public interest.   After all it involves the public's money, almost RM 50 million which was used to buy condos.  

4. Back to the SD by Kevin's brother Mr Twitter  wants Kevin's brother to share the pen drive.   Yes by Law any evidence involving a crime has to be turned over to the authorities.   

But who trusts him?  This is the problem now - the public has little regard for those who are supposed to hold the public trust.

He has not started investigating 1MDB.  Many reports have been lodged even outside Malaysia.  Instead he went to Bangkok and wanted to interview the Swiss guy about a leak.  When is there going to be a full and complete investigation on 1MDB? 

Who do we trust in Malaysia to see justice is done?

5.  Khairy Jamaluddin said the wings (sayap UMNO) had asked to open the assemblies themselves.  It was not meant to silence Muhyiddin.  

Can Khairy explain why this has not happened in 69 years of UMNO's history? Why this year and not last year, not the year before and not the year before that?  

Thought he has some grey matter.  Proving to be empty like the rest.

My comments :  Ends. Thank you.

Konpirm : Rebellion has Reached Supreme Council, "Hang Takdak Te*oq" Too Chicken To Act

  • Umno top council blocked the bids - Ku Nan
  • to have M'yiddin and Shafie censured rejected by supreme council
  • decided it would not be brought to assembly Ku Nan said
Everyone is being investigated, arrested or charged under Sedition, SOSMA etc.

Yesterday the news said Zaid Ibrahim is being investigated for Sedition. 

Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail is being investigated for Sedition.  

Some fellow who said something about Hang Takdak Te*oq is being investigated for sedition.

Macam bapak dia punya negeri saja - anyone who says something they dont like is investigated under Sedition, SOSMA etc.  

Because what exactly is Sedition or not sedition, or what is a SOSMA offence or not is up to them to interpret.  But it does not mean they are right. 

They still have to go to Court to prove the case under Sedition or SOSMA. 

And often the Court throws out their cases. 

Khairuddin's case was thrown out.  

The case against that AGC's investigator was thrown out.

So was the case against that Tan Sri guy.

So it was all a waste of time. But in the meantime these people suffered harrassment, arrest, being put into lockups etc.

Folks, Hang Takdak Te*oq does not have the brains or the guts to order all this. 

So who is orchestrating all this?   Could it be Hippo?  Or are there other parties? 

This cannot go on forever.  Some people will eventually have to face the wall for all this.

Getting back to the topic,  it looks like Hang Takdak Te*oq's people were not able to move the sanction against Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal and Tun Dr Mahathir at the UMNO Supreme Council.

So there really is a revolt going on in UMNO - even at the Supreme Council level.  

Over 5000 cawangan are getting ready to protest against the president. 

Hang Takdak Te*oq's people are losing control.  So they settled for a consolation prize - they fired Hamidah Othman that Ketua Wanita from Gopeng.   Depa pi buli pompuan pula.

In Syria, the ISIS satans pick on defenceless women, children, old men and innocent captives. Depa pun takdak te*oq.

Their end is near.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Written by Malaysia Chronicle
  • 5,000 umno branches planning mammoth rally to protest Najib 
  • Umno 22,000 branches nationwide.
  • Last month, 13 branch heads from Telok Kemang demanded Najib's resignation
  • 10 Umno branches from Selangor, made similar demands on Wednesday
  • on Sat 34 branch heads from 5 states - Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Johor, Perak and Sabah -  openly stated their stand against Najib
  • "support of 25% Umno branches," said Mohd Isa Mohd Yasin
  • head of Umno Taman PD Utama branch, reported by Sinar Harian
  • anti-Najib movement in Umno was growing 
  • momentum against Najib seems to be building instead of abating
  • despite arrests of critics and arbitrary shutdown of websites
  • branches unanimously agreed to urge Najib to step down 
  • right to voice out must be returned to grassroots so that Umno can be saved
  • protest is to be held next month. no venue has been fixed
  • Whatever Najib does, it won't stop his ouster. 
  • Najib has committed too many wrongdoings and his fall is inevitable
  • Najib greedy, sloppy eater. Resigning too kind a fate for him."
My comments : About three years ago I asked all the rats to leave Najib and jump ship. (I am always ahead by a few years - thumpity thump). Well its really getting critical now. 

Rats if you want to save yourselves, jump ship now. Before its too late.

Prepaids - now is the time to ask for more money. If Najib falls, it is unlikely you will ever get paid by anyone, for anything.  So better ask for more money now.

I think that 5000 branches opposed to Najib is a conservative figure. I think 99.9% of the cawangan are against Najib.  So far 5000 have stepped forward.

For Najib and Rosmah here is some relevant information. 

These are the prevailing temperatures at some locations around the world which you may wish to consider :

Kazakhstan - butt freezing cold
Kyrgyzstan - toilet bowl water frozen
Tajikistan - frozen camel piss everywhere
Turkmenistan -  dont piss outside, unless you are a camel
Uzbekistan -  mama bears shivering in the woods